Saint Luminus Reveals His Latest Guitar Masterpiece “Echoes of Light”

Prepare for a celestial journey with Saint Luminus’ latest instrumental masterpiece, “Echoes of Light.” This progressive and space rock guitar piece is a captivating sonic experience that combines triumphant melodies, pulsating synths, and innovative sound effects.

But it’s not just about the music – “Echoes of Light” carries a profound message, urging listeners to disconnect from the noise of TV and media and instead embrace the hidden wonders of the past, waiting to be discovered by simply looking up to the echoes of light.

According to Saint Luminus, “Echoes of Light” was crafted to take people on an unexpected journey. It goes beyond the confines of a traditional rock song, incorporating a rich tapestry of instrumentation to deliver something fresh, inspiring, and memorable. As a guitarist, Saint Luminus believes in pushing boundaries and offering listeners a unique experience that transcends genres. With this single, he not only explores the vastness of Electro Space Rock but also reminds us that the universe of music is waiting to be explored.

Amidst the darkness, division, and hatred prevalent in our world, Saint Luminus seeks to remind us of the wonders that lie hidden in plain sight. He encourages us to direct our attention to the “Echoes of Light” and discover the beauty and inspiration that can be found within. In a world inundated with noise, his music provides a respite, inviting us to embark on a meditative and transformative sonic journey.

Saint Luminus, known as William Rustrum in his earthly form, is an instrumental guitarist-composer who has mastered the art of the cosmic vacation. After honing his skills as a guitarist in the world of thrash metal, he faced a setback when his physical playing ability crumbled. Undeterred, he embarked on a journey of rediscovery and emerged with a renewed dexterity and an enlightened approach to his craft. Today, his sublime and melodic instrumental compositions blend the sounds of the universe with progressive rock, creating harmonious sonic landscapes that captivate the imagination.

Listeners will be enchanted by Saint Luminus’ ethereal atmospherics, skillful passages of lyrical shred, and evocative musical motifs that evoke a bluesy longing reminiscent of David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. His music transcends mere notes and melodies, inviting listeners to explore the boundless realms of the cosmos through sound.

“Echoes of Light” is a testament to Saint Luminus’ artistry and his ability to craft music that transports us beyond the mundane. It’s a sonic odyssey that challenges conventions and leaves a lasting impression on those who embark on the journey.

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Florida Based Rock Band Displace Reveal Their Funky New Alternative Rock Single “Scarecrow”

Tampa, Florida based band “Displace” have released their new single “Scarecrow” out now. 

Displace is a saxophone and electric violin driven funk fusion ensemble who are well known for their improvisation on stage as well as a diverse sound. Displace is a four piece group, with previous album release “Eureka!” back in 2015, their new single “Scarecrow” showcases their introspective alternative rock pop sound blended with complex jazz progressions and funk grooves. 

“They say time heals all wounds, but you are inextricably addicted to a memory that only gets more distant each day. Like a lonesome scarecrow hopelessly looking to the sky longing for the very thing your nature seems designed to repel, you reflect on a past that you will never again be present for, with a bleak outlook on the prospects of a future you´d do anything to escape.”

The scarecrow then is a symbol of a fading memory; something you once longed for which is now sinking more and more into the past. 

Displace originally formed back in 2012, as a strictly experimental improvisation act and the band enjoyed several live performances which led on to their 2015 release, “Eureka!”. Their sequel album, “Undertow” covers new ground in terms of continuing on the musical fusion but with a much more polished and well produced format. Instrumental melodies are richer, and there is a full woodwind section and percussion sound. 

Displace current line-up includes saxophone, electric violin and six keyboards as well as percussion. They have been included in the lineup of several prominent music festivals in the United States, including Gasparilla Music Festival, Blackwater Music Festival, Aura Festival and the Great Outdoors Jam. 

You don´t want to miss them live, as they really put on a show! 

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The Progressive Rock Fusion Band Siren Share Their New Album ‘Beyond the Rainbow’

American band Siren has released their brand new album Beyond the Rainbow.

This is an album that you can truly become immersed in; raw, authentic, contemporary metal rock. The opening track “Lawless Life” starts with a progressive metal guitar riff. The lyrical “High Wire” and “Sympathetic Response” are more laid-back rock songs, written by Mike and Rob Phillips.

Many songs on this album are unexpected, in the sense that musically it is extremely tight and well written, as well as experimenting with different musical concepts. Siren have really gone the extra mile with this new release. 

¨When we began writing Beyond the Rainbow, we would write as a group with the exception of ‘High Wire.’ ‘Empty Ocean,’ and ‘Sympathetic Response,’ which Mike and I wrote. Normally Mike and I will bring the songs to the band, and let them work out their parts. A process we have gone back to for our upcoming material, as it seems to work much better for the writing process.”  – Rob Phillips

When Phillips had sought to reunite the band back in 2005 with drummer/engineer Mike Cupino, and a new musical direction, the band did release their first Siren album called “Don´t Mind”. It wasn´t until much later, as three new band members joined the group, that the musical sound developed even more. 

Today, Siren exists with the same lineup as previous releases, except for the lead guitarist. Todd Grubbs replaces Leo Boland as the lead guitar, and brings a guitar virtuoso which really makes the band stand out with a progressive, fusion style. 

The first track on the album, “Lawless Life” was released earlier this year as a single to much critical acclaim, together with a music video produced by Nathan Mowery. With influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters, it is hard not to enjoy this eclectic blend of progressive rock. 

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