“Memorial Day” by Drew Danburry

The saddest news in indie rock came this year when Drew Danburry said that he was retiring from music. While we all hope he’ll one day come back, we only wish him the best. He released his last record, Goodnight Dannii, earlier in the year to critical acclaim.

Whenever Memorial Day comes around, it makes me think of Danburry’s song by the same name. As far as I know, the only indie song about the holiday. The song is from his record This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club and quite frankily, just one listen will have you hooked for life. He’s even toured with the likes of Modern Mystery fav’s Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. It’s a must hear for any fan of good music, that’s for sure.

Here it is in all of it’s glory. “Memorial Day” by Drew Danburry.
Drew Danburry – “Memorial Day” by modernmysteryblog


Secondhand Sunday: Jukebox the Ghost – “Hold It In”

Yes, we know it’s been a few weeks since we did a glorious Secondhand Sunday piece.  I guess we’ve had it on a mini hiatus. Well, last night it was decided that it should make a return. Not always with videos from the way past though, but maybe up and coming bands?  We’ll see. You’ll see.

Today’s Secondhand Sunday goes to Jukebox the Ghost. Seeing the band play with the Miniature Tigers and Free Energy last night, in what was the most amazing lineup I’ve seen in possibly forever, at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom, they blew me away. Ben Thornewill has an incredibly catchy voice and you just couldn’t help but watch him on the piano. Mixed in with Tommy Siegel’s equally fun voice and guitar playing and Jesse Kristin’s  get-your-ass-up-and-dance drumming, I’m ashamed to say this is the first time I have ever taken a listen to the band.

One tee shirt and a record later, here I am. Take a peek at this amazing band’s 2008 video for “Hold It In.” Let the addiction begin.

ps. Review of the Miniature Tigers / Jukebox the Ghost / Free Energy show at the Bowery Ballroom to come this week with some amazing pictures.

Hot Hot Heat @ Public Assembly – Brooklyn, NY – May 19, 2010

Hot Hot Heat never seem to cool down….as a band that is. The indie synth dance punk pioneers have been taking the stage every Wednesday night this month at Public Assembly in Brooklyn to sold out crowds of eager fans. Catching the band on the third show of their residency in this charming little neighborhood, HHH sure knows how to put on a show.

Oddly enough I have never seen the band live though I’ve been a fan since Make Up the Breakdown (SubPop) was released in 2003. This was about three record labels ago and a slight change in lineup. One thing is for certain though, the band hasn’t lost the energy that makes them a great group to begin with.

Hot Hot Heat will release their newest record Future Breeds (Dangerbird) on June 8th, and from the sound of it, the guys somehow managed to top their previous efforts.  My personal favorite new song of the night was the first singlem “20 @ 12,” which was about them being with a friends of their’s who was turning 21 and midnight. This is only a tastes of what Future Breeds have to offer.

I must admit that I went into the show thinking that only new songs would be played. I was mistaking. Though several new tracks were played, they were blended perfectly with our old favorites. Songs like “Naked in the City Again” and “Bandages,” brought back college memories of listening to the band while studying. The guys are not old by any means as they are only in their early 30’s, but it seems like they have been around forever.

This shows especially on the stage as they are old pros at the game of charming an audience. Frontman Steve Bays rocks his keyboard stand back and fourth on an angle, while playing mind you! He doesn’t miss even the slightest note. Heading directly into the face of the crowd several times, you can tell the fans were really eating it up in this most intimate venue. You can see that Hot Hot Heat was eating it up as well. There was plenty of dancing going on in the place and everyone, and I mean everyone, was having a blast and singing along to the classics, hoping to soon learn the new ones.

The group did a short encore as Bays came out saying “I think we’re running out of time,” which was the perfect cue for them to play “Running Out of Time.” To make a perfect ending of the night the band ended the set with “Goodnight Goodnight,” which couldn’t have been any better. We didn’t want them to go, but we all know there is one more night we can relive it in New York.

Hot Hot Heat plays the last night of their Public Assembly residency tonight, Wednesday, May 26th, before heading to play a month in Los Angeles in June. My word of advice to L.A. residents, is to get your tickets while you can, because these shows are selling quick, and it is truly an amazing experience.

Hot Hot Heat are on fire!

Check back to Modern Mystery in the next few days for our exclusive interview with the band!

Look at More Pictures from the Show HERE

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Interview: In It to Win It with Tokyo Police Club

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to Tokyo Police Club singer, Dave Monks, about their upcoming record Champ due out on Mom and Pop Records on June 8th. Filled with amazing tracks, trust us, this is TPC’s best album yet.

Modern Mystery:All of your albums have been successful, what kind of pressure did you have going into the studio to make Champ ?

Dave Monks: Not that much, going into Elephant Shell (Saddle Creek) we had a lot of pressure. This time when we were writing we didn’t even feel like we were writing a record. It was way more relaxed. I’m not sure if we turned it off but there wasn’t as much pressure.

MM: What inspires you to write a song? Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Monks: It can come from a many number of things. You have something planned conceptually and musically. Usually girls and stuff…ah that sounds so lame (laughs). There seems to be more light stuff on this record, going out, doing stuff.

MM: Your new record is being released on Mom and Pop Records. How come you decided to split from Saddle Creek?

Monks: Saddle Creek was awesome, and we were trying to gauge our feeling for every record with a fitting label. With Mom and Pop, their ceiling is much higher. When we worked with Saddle Creek there wasn’t a lot of options for us. Mom and Ppo is a good mix of both worlds of indie and major.

MM: You’re starting a contest that is challenging fans to go up in competition with you involving anything. Are you guys really game for the crazy ideas that may be thrown at you?

Monks: Oh absolutely! We’re really excited about the contest. Send in whatever, we’ll do it. I think since the record is called Champ, we thought the champ of what? We decided to find out. If it was called macaroni it would have been totally different.

MM: Will the competitions go up online for fans to see, as in will they be filmed?

Monks: We’re going to film them, then you’ll see how super fun they are and people can submit their ideas.

MM: How long did it take to record Champ? From songwriting to the end of the mastering process?

Monks: “Breakneck Speed” was written in January 2008 but it was definitely three months recording the record. We did six months of actual solid writing time

MM: What is your favorite part about going on tour and playing live?

Monks: When a show goes really well and a crowd reacts, it s a really cool feeling. It’s what you strive for. To be able to connect like that. And the food!

MM: How does the band write songs? Is it a collaboration? Does everyone bring in their own pieces?

Monks: It starts out as kind of…I’ll have a bunch of ideas about the skeleton or the ideas for the song, then the melody comes in. It starts out as it usually starts with me, then halfway through the process we all try to map it out. That’s where all the good stuff comes from.

MM: You guys blog a lot on your website. How important do you think it is to keep that connection with your fans?

Monks: It’s crazy that we can actually do that. For 300 dollars we got flip cams, and we edit the videos in no time, and they get really good response. If that gets fans excited and makes them feel more connected to the songs, that‘s great. Maybe they don’t like the songs and think we’re stupid. We like it and are going to keep doing it.

MM: What is your favorite song off of Champ and why?

Monks: I really like “Big Difference,” which is track 9 I believe. Something really unique came out of it. I don’t know how the song came about entirely but it came out from a chemistry I couldn’t tell you how to get.

MM: What musicians and bands inspired you to play music?

Monks: Definitely Radiohead, Wilco, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Apples in Stereo. I don’t know, so many bands. When we were in high school there was an amazing amount.

MM: If you weren’t in Tokyo Police Club, what would you be doing?

Monks: Probably be graduated with a B.A. and looking for work. I don’t know. I was in school and it was pretty aimless. I might be out of work (laughs).

Tokyo Police Club “Big Difference” by modernmysteryblog

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Announce New Record Title, Tracklisting and a Free Song!

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is set to release their newest record on August 17th, and this morning, they have finally given it a title and cover to share with the world. Titled Let it Sway, the band’s third album on their home of Polyvinyl Records is going to be an amazing one. But aren’t all of SSLYBY’s releases amazing?

The guys are also giving you the first single, “Sink / Let it Sway” from the new record to download for free. Head over to HERE to sign up to their mailing list and to discover your favorite new band!

Starting today, Polyvinyl Records is also starting a presale for the album which includes awesome bundle packs that include all sorts of goodies, including a sweet new tote bag! (I’m excited!!) Be sure to order early! Take a look at the Polyvinyl preorder.

Play SSLYBY’s new tune “Sink / Let it Sway” below. (We’d put it as a download but then what if you didn’t go to the site?!)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin “Sink / Let it Sway” by modernmysteryblog

Let it Sway Tracklisting

1. Back in the Saddle
2. Sink/Let it Sway
3. Banned (By the Man)
4. In Pairs
5. My Terrible Personality
6. Everlyn
7. Stuart Gets Lost Dans Le Metro
8. All Hail Dracula!
9. Critical Drain
10. Animalkind
11. Phantomwise
12. Made to Last

Band of Horses Cover The Replacements “Can’t Hardly Wait”

The Replacements have always been a band near and dear to my hear. Paul Westerberg is a true poet and writes some of the saddest songs known to man.  This week indie Gods, Band of Horses, who just released their new record Infinite Arms (Brown Records/Fat Possum/Columbia), decided to try their hand at playing a cover of “Can’t Hardly Wait.” Yes this is one of the most well known Mats songs so I can only imagine the pressure was on. Band of Horses claims it was their first time playing the song, and boy did they nail it. Talk about having the ability to make a song even sadder sounding. The band played the song live on Columbus, Ohio’s CD101.1FM radio station.

Watch it below, or download it. As far as we know we’re the only one who has an MP3 of it right now. Sneaky, eh? Enjoy.

Band of Horses – “Can’t Hardly Wait” (Replacements Cover) by modernmysteryblog