Beau + Luci Release New Single


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Folk duo and sisters Beau + Luci have been one of my favorite musical finds of 2016. The group, who recently released the infectious cover of “Deeper Well,” evoke strong emotion through instrumentation and vocals, which we hear blissfully throughout the track.

In 2017 we will see the duo release their new album Fire Dancer on March 3rd. Channeling influences such as Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell, Beau +Luci prominently place themselves on the map for the New Year as artists to watch. With elements documented of struggling, striving and human existence, Beau + Luci get up close and personal on the upcoming release, which we are eagerly ready to dive into.

Check out “Deeper Well,” via Soundcloud:


Jody Quine Shares “Stand Up”


Soulful-laced singer Jody Quine is back at it again with her latest single, “Stand Up.” Taken from her critically acclaimed record, Stand Up, the title track is a nice introduction for those who have not heard the noteworthy Canadian mainstay as of yet. If you like Aimee Mann, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, or Sia you will love Jody Quine! Throughout the track we hear Quine create an epic beauty, as the song swirls with enchanting instrumentation and standout vocal work. Quine’s journey shares a heartfelt story, which carries into the album as a whole.

In 2017 we will also experience Quine on a 36-date Live Your Dream Tour as both emcee and performing artist.  The focus of the tour is to inspire children and young adults to pursue music careers, with proceeds benefiting  NAfME, VH1 Save The Music, and Little Kids Rock.
Listen to her beautiful single “Stand Up” here: 

Charity Eke Releases Adoring New Single


Charity Eke charms with her new release, “She,” that takes her enchanting music to a whole new level. Recommended to those who like artists such as Sade, Sharon Jones, and even Whitney Houston, her gorgeous record quickly stands the test of time. Lead single “If the Roles Were Reversed,” highlight her artistry as a musician and songwriter.

Speaking to women across the world, Eke’s voice comes to  life within each and every song throughout the record. Pieces such as “You Belong,” and “All I Know,” stand out as favorites, as the multi-genre record takes you on a musical journey you will not soon forget.

Watch “If The Roles Were Reversed” here:


Jetty Rae Releases the Enticing “Queen of the Universe”

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Jetty Rae has released a standout single, “Queen of the Universe,” today, which has quickly become one of my favorite new songs this year. Her knack for writing stunning and prominent instrumentation works perfectly alongside her sweet and beautiful voice.

“Queen of the Universe,” is a dose of heaven from start to finish. On the track we hear the budding musician take her music to a whole new level of captivation, as her smooth musicianship blends flawlessly with her sultry and pop-aesthetic vocals. “Queen of the Universe,” is just a taste of what Jetty Rae has to offer, as her career has already spanned far and wide. With 2017 right around the corner, we can safely say we’ll be hearing more from Jetty Rae in the coming year.



The Other Life Entice With New Single


Sweden’s The Other Life is at it again with an eclectic new single titled “Happiness,” out now via Nu Deal Records. The electronic and indie mainstay proves to create sonically and alluring pieces, and “Happiness,” is no less. The one an extravaganza is outstanding as he displays his skills with programming, arranging and instrumentation, which drives the single home. Ecstatic harmonies are layered throughout bringing the genre to a whole new innovative level. Perfect for the dance floor, The Other Life does not disappoint, as we are taken on a journey, one note at a time. We’re in….

Listen to The Other Life “Happiness”, here: