Munk Duane Shares Sugary New Treat, “Sweet Tooth”

We are particularly excited about this featured artist because of his cool, charismatic, and confident demeanor. Reigning from Boston, Munk Duane is a man of many talents, perfecting the craft of songwriting, song production, film composition, and MUCH more. Munk’s music comes from his many respected influences, like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Prince just to name a few. 

Munk’s track begins with the smoothest intro, some easy claps, and some psychedelic vibes, before his smooth and catchy vocals come into the track. The song is sexy, haunting, and sweet all in one record. 

Munk is not a newbie to the music world, in fact he’s grown tremendously through the years, and that is extremely prevalent in his newest release, “Sweet Tooth”, that dropped on October 23rd. Not only is it fitting for the next holiday coming up, where we’ll all be indulging in our spookiest, sweet tooth. 

“I get the feeling this will end bad.” This song plays with the flirty, dangerous feeling of chasing after something (or someone) you know you shouldn’t mess around with.

We absolutely love the R&B inspired, smooth jazzy type of vibe that Munk has created with this track, and we cannot wait to hear more from him.

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Moonlight Social Reveal the Bold + Beautiful Album, “The Carrot”

Moonlight Social embarks on a wild whirlwind of a journey with the epic sprawl of “The Carrot”. A nice incorporation of rock meets folk pop results in something that is uniquely theirs. Vocals rise above with a dreamy-eyed mystical quality to them. Delivery is pitch-perfect for it further emphasizes the gargantuan sound. By allowing for a bit of distance between the instrumentals and the vocals the record goes for a dazed, hazy quality that is alluring from beginning to end. Lyricism neatly ties everything together for it has a poetic, playful spirit to it with each verse cascading downwards.

The Texas-born, Nashville raised duo is formed by Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott, longtime best friends who met as members of The University of Texas Longhorn Band (Burchard as a member of the drum line, Scott as a trumpet player). 

The group cut their teeth on the road, playing hundreds of shows out of their home base of Austin, Texas, and in 2016 they relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.  Their 2018 EP Make You Smile debuted on the Billboard charts and The Huffpost called lead single “simply irresistible.”

Bringing a thematic, energetic live show, the band has played hundreds of shows across dozens of states and continues to release catchy, thoughtful, genre-bending music.

Melodically rich, Moonlight Social delivers something truly classic on “The Carrot.” By forgoing easy pigeonholing, the album runs the gamut from soulful balladry to classically-inclined instrumentation, with elements of Folk thrown in for good measure. Layer upon layer is applied with a painterly impressionistic flavor though everything remains quite spacious. The airiness of the album helps to tie it together for space is an important element of the work.

Moonlight Socials “The Carrot,” is out now.

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Dan Miraldi Shares Gorgeous Release “More Mood Music”

Singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi delivers freewheeling flows on the blissed-out vibes of “More Mood Music,” which is out now. Lyrics have a nimble quality to them while they navigate a whole slew of different spectrums. Songs effortlessly blend into each other in a way that creates a coherent, cohesive whole. Everything has a sun-drenched quality to it which we are head over heels for. Rhythms and harmonies exist and roll on through leisurely with such ease. Nothing ever becomes too dense for he ensures that the spaced-out quality remains intact.

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Heavily rooted in a folk ethos, his aesthetic works wonders to fully extenuate the tenderness of his vocals. Word choice is done with an exceptional crystal clarity for he proves to be an exceptional storyteller. Melodies possess a great richness to them for the guitar work has a stellar nimbleness to them. Everything positively shines with so much joy. Acoustic guitars have a grace to them while Miraldi’s playing at times draws from the Mountain Goats’ most intimate recordings.

Dan Miraldi’s blissful “More Mood Music,” is out now.

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Cozmic Unveils Vibrant New Single “Surface,” with Natasha Slayton

Cozmic’s indie-pop is the millennial soundtrack to Venice Beach, California. His transcendent tunes are informed by the beach’s curious culture clash; a motley mishmash of techies, artists, spirituality seekers, yogis, punkers, skate rats, and surfers.

This is the music that we need now—something the whole world can sing to. Playful and purposeful, Venice Beach, California-based artist Cozmic has cultivated an irresistible and invigorating lifestyle musical platform that reflects the beach’s curious culture clash; a motley mishmash of techies, artists, spirituality seekers, yogis, punkers, skate rats, and surfers. His music embraces pop, electro-pop, indie-pop, R&B, singer-songwriter narrative writing, and urban-pop.  His latest work recalls Two Feet, Khalid, NoMBe, and Dermot Kennedy. This is the millennial soundtrack to a cultural mecca. 

A cinematic fall relationship anthem, catchy banger “Surface” delivers emotional dueting vocals and earworm hooks atop a vibey, ambient and textured indie-pop production. The melodic, mid-tempo track gracefully plays in multiple genres from Indie Pop to Pop RnB. The song’s powerful vocal delivery, lyrics and production would appeal to fans of artists like: Halsey, Demi Lovato, and Lauv. The track was produced by an all-star creative team including Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa) and Refugee (Illenium, Xuitecasecity).

It’s a song about that scary feeling of wearing your heart on your sleeve because it’s been broken before. And the support of a partner who wants to work through that fear with you no matter what. It’s about the beauty and power of accepting your partner’s imperfections… and your own, together. 

“I can tell that you’re something different

Beneath your scars is what I’ve been missing

So take your chances on me

I wanna understand your mysteries

So you can let your guard now

Cause I’m here to listen”

Cozmic and Natasha Slayton will perform the song live on November 7th at the first Virtual Yoga Remix, attend for free:

Creativity and conscious living imbue all facets of Cozmic’s life. For him, clothing is another outlet for artistic expression, and his couture choices are just as freewheeling as his music. His aesthetic blurs the lines between eras, styles, and gender norms. Cozmic is also alcohol and drug free, vegetarian; he supports and promotes awareness for mental health issues; and he is a disciplined meditator and who shares the fruit of the journey with compassion, through volunteer teaching with non-profits for high school and college students.


Tera Bang®, a member of avatar girl music group AVTR®, is today releasing her debut single, ‘All About Me,’ along with an animated lyric video in which she models several upcycled outfits in support of the sustainable fashion movement. Tera’s solo track is the first music release from 3D virtual girl band AVTR, an initialism of group members Amaya Rush®, Valentina Verse®, Tera Bang, and Ryda Rhymes®.

In ‘All About Me,’ Tera makes her debut to the dance-pop canon with a carpe diem attitude inspired by Ferris Bueler’s Day Off. The song’s uptempo brings the energy of the dancefloor to the housebound listening experience of the “new normal” with smooth, candy pop melody and classic pop beat. The cut represents a positive and confident way of looking at life as a free spirit and motivating yourself to get out there to accomplish what you want.

The song’s lyrics describe a hardworking young woman by opening with ‘calling in sick in the morning, cos tonight I want to play’ then ‘every day and night I know how to put the work in so today I’ll make it rain.’ It then moves onto a chorus ‘it’s all about me’ and we gain a sense of female empowerment with ‘just relax, be cool and act like you’re the one who makes the rules.’ The production is upbeat and infectious with attention-grabbing vocals and a punchy bassline mixed with guitar vibes, creating the perfect ‘Girls Night Out’ anthem for any occasion.

The lyric video shows Tera modeling in a photographer’s warehouse studio with lyrics painted on the brick wall in a trendy, graffiti style. Tera wears three different outfits designed and sold by upcycled fashion company tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise. Since Tera’s appearance with the other AVTR group members at Helsinki Fashion Week 2020, Tera is taking up the cause of sustainable fashion.

Although Tera Bang is a virtual music artist, the people who stand behind her brand aspire to impact our interconnected world through championing ethical, eco-sensible brands and community leaders. Inc develops virtual music artists, with its first project being the avatar girl music group AVTR. All four members of AVTR will release their group song, ‘Queen,’ with a full 3D music video later this fall.

Songstress X. ARI Delivers Insightful New Video

Toronto born songstress X. ARI deftly dances in and out of genre lines, moving from enchanting alternative pop to gritty hip-hop production under a cover of electronic elegance.

Her newest single, “As You Are,” is an anthem for the outsiders. Tackling themes of mental health, bullying, and owning who you are, the track offers a healthy conduit for healing and invites its listeners to feel happy in their skin.

X. ARI is currently working on her fourth EP, “As You Are”, which will be released in Oct 9, 2020 in time for World Mental Health Day on Oct 10. It is X. ARI’s mission to not only raise awareness about mental health but to also focus on using her platform to empower others to turn their pain into power by finding their conduit to healing. She hopes to make a global impact and to become known as an influential artist, songwriter, and public speaker to spread her message to the masses.