Cozmic Unveils Vibrant New Single “Surface,” with Natasha Slayton

Cozmic’s indie-pop is the millennial soundtrack to Venice Beach, California. His transcendent tunes are informed by the beach’s curious culture clash; a motley mishmash of techies, artists, spirituality seekers, yogis, punkers, skate rats, and surfers.

This is the music that we need now—something the whole world can sing to. Playful and purposeful, Venice Beach, California-based artist Cozmic has cultivated an irresistible and invigorating lifestyle musical platform that reflects the beach’s curious culture clash; a motley mishmash of techies, artists, spirituality seekers, yogis, punkers, skate rats, and surfers. His music embraces pop, electro-pop, indie-pop, R&B, singer-songwriter narrative writing, and urban-pop.  His latest work recalls Two Feet, Khalid, NoMBe, and Dermot Kennedy. This is the millennial soundtrack to a cultural mecca. 

A cinematic fall relationship anthem, catchy banger “Surface” delivers emotional dueting vocals and earworm hooks atop a vibey, ambient and textured indie-pop production. The melodic, mid-tempo track gracefully plays in multiple genres from Indie Pop to Pop RnB. The song’s powerful vocal delivery, lyrics and production would appeal to fans of artists like: Halsey, Demi Lovato, and Lauv. The track was produced by an all-star creative team including Chris Garcia (Lana Del Rey, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa) and Refugee (Illenium, Xuitecasecity).

It’s a song about that scary feeling of wearing your heart on your sleeve because it’s been broken before. And the support of a partner who wants to work through that fear with you no matter what. It’s about the beauty and power of accepting your partner’s imperfections… and your own, together. 

“I can tell that you’re something different

Beneath your scars is what I’ve been missing

So take your chances on me

I wanna understand your mysteries

So you can let your guard now

Cause I’m here to listen”

Cozmic and Natasha Slayton will perform the song live on November 7th at the first Virtual Yoga Remix, attend for free:

Creativity and conscious living imbue all facets of Cozmic’s life. For him, clothing is another outlet for artistic expression, and his couture choices are just as freewheeling as his music. His aesthetic blurs the lines between eras, styles, and gender norms. Cozmic is also alcohol and drug free, vegetarian; he supports and promotes awareness for mental health issues; and he is a disciplined meditator and who shares the fruit of the journey with compassion, through volunteer teaching with non-profits for high school and college students.


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