Dan Miraldi Shares Gorgeous Release “More Mood Music”

Singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi delivers freewheeling flows on the blissed-out vibes of “More Mood Music,” which is out now. Lyrics have a nimble quality to them while they navigate a whole slew of different spectrums. Songs effortlessly blend into each other in a way that creates a coherent, cohesive whole. Everything has a sun-drenched quality to it which we are head over heels for. Rhythms and harmonies exist and roll on through leisurely with such ease. Nothing ever becomes too dense for he ensures that the spaced-out quality remains intact.

Find the album on Bandcamp:


Heavily rooted in a folk ethos, his aesthetic works wonders to fully extenuate the tenderness of his vocals. Word choice is done with an exceptional crystal clarity for he proves to be an exceptional storyteller. Melodies possess a great richness to them for the guitar work has a stellar nimbleness to them. Everything positively shines with so much joy. Acoustic guitars have a grace to them while Miraldi’s playing at times draws from the Mountain Goats’ most intimate recordings.

Dan Miraldi’s blissful “More Mood Music,” is out now.

Get familiar with Dan Miraldi below:






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