Moonlight Social Reveal the Bold + Beautiful Album, “The Carrot”

Moonlight Social embarks on a wild whirlwind of a journey with the epic sprawl of “The Carrot”. A nice incorporation of rock meets folk pop results in something that is uniquely theirs. Vocals rise above with a dreamy-eyed mystical quality to them. Delivery is pitch-perfect for it further emphasizes the gargantuan sound. By allowing for a bit of distance between the instrumentals and the vocals the record goes for a dazed, hazy quality that is alluring from beginning to end. Lyricism neatly ties everything together for it has a poetic, playful spirit to it with each verse cascading downwards.

The Texas-born, Nashville raised duo is formed by Jeremy Burchard and Jennica Scott, longtime best friends who met as members of The University of Texas Longhorn Band (Burchard as a member of the drum line, Scott as a trumpet player). 

The group cut their teeth on the road, playing hundreds of shows out of their home base of Austin, Texas, and in 2016 they relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.  Their 2018 EP Make You Smile debuted on the Billboard charts and The Huffpost called lead single “simply irresistible.”

Bringing a thematic, energetic live show, the band has played hundreds of shows across dozens of states and continues to release catchy, thoughtful, genre-bending music.

Melodically rich, Moonlight Social delivers something truly classic on “The Carrot.” By forgoing easy pigeonholing, the album runs the gamut from soulful balladry to classically-inclined instrumentation, with elements of Folk thrown in for good measure. Layer upon layer is applied with a painterly impressionistic flavor though everything remains quite spacious. The airiness of the album helps to tie it together for space is an important element of the work.

Moonlight Socials “The Carrot,” is out now.

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