Eric Terino Entices with Epic New Single “Body Gets Stoned”

Eric Terino debuts his latest single and video for  “Body Gets Stoned,” taken from his upcoming release out this March on Perpetual Doom.

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Tapping into the rich timeless history of romance and poetics, Eric Terino’s musical landscape paints a portrait of an American artist with a sweeping perspective on what it means to be human. The deeply personal becomes universal and heartbreak can be transformed to healing. Similar in fashion to Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, his tales of suffering mend with beauty. Gilding the places we have been hurt as a means of moving forward. This potential for alchemy exists everywhere, and Terino’s serenaded solitude reminds us of the infinite beauty in it all.

Eric shares of the single:“‘Body Gets Stoned’ is sort of my take on a ‘Que Sera Sera’ (Doris Day’s 1956 hit from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’). Basically, it’s a Buddhist kind of mentality that all is as it is and will be as it will be. So there’s no point in fighting upstream. Ultimately the solution to any struggle is in letting the river take us where we need to go, which in my opinion… is home.”
The upcoming Innovations of Grave Perversity is Eric Terino’s third long player, and by any measure is his most expansive and layered work. Taking charge from where his sophomore record left off, the album is a parallel journey through the passage of seasons (winter into spring) and the transition from despondency to the birth of new hope and healing. It is a record about attempting to find light in the wake of trauma and working to reframe one’s life in a way that allows for the possibility of joy.
“Body Gets Stoned” was written by Terino nearly 15 years ago and features stirring violin and vocals from Jolie Holland, whose contribution allowed for the track to finally feel complete and ready to be properly documented.

Innovations of Grave Perversity is out March 11 on Perpetual Doom.

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Emerra Releases New Single & Video for “Disintegrate”

Emerra launches into 2022 with full force as they release their new single and video for “Disintegrate.” The track is a modern metal barrage without compromise. Emerra is an Alt-Prog-Metal band that is currently based in the Rheinland area of Germany. “Disintegrate,” opens a whole new realm for the band, as they further their success from the prior EP Monochrome, and the acclaimed single “Pirouette,” which landed on Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

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“‘Disintegrate’ deals with both society and private lives during the COVID crisis, putting a spotlight on the fragility of everyday structures. The song reflects how a pandemic is capable of weakening and disrupting both strong relationships and safe communities.”- Emerra

For fans of Karnivool, Tesseract, and Northlane, Emerra is your next hard rock obsession as they bring a bold and hard-hitting sound to the table. Emerra consists of Stefan Paar (Bass), Fabian Horn (Vocals, Guitar), and Maximilian Lumer (Drums).

After multiple successful projects, live shows, tours and studio productions Paar, Lumer and Horn decided to join forces and form Emerra – a band that brings the heaviness of hardcore and metal music without ticking all the scene stereotypes. They‘ve collected years worth of musical growth and experience and learned to embrace all their influences so they can now create complex music with dynamic song structures. Offering a variety of emotional calmness and heavy loudness, Emerra manages to create a wideness and depths that knows no limits. 

Emerra’s “Disintegrate” is out January 29, 2022, and is only the beginning of the band’s musical journey this year.

About Emerra:

Emerra is an alternative prog/metal band composed of former and current members of established local bands from the Rheinland area in Germany. After multiple successful projects, live shows, tours and studio productions bassist Stefan Paar, drummer Max Lumer and singer/guitarist Fabian Horn decided to join forces and form Emerra – a band that brings the heaviness of hardcore and metal music without ticking all the scene stereotypes. They‘ve collected years worth of musical growth and experience and learned to embrace all their influences so they can now create complex music with dynamic song structures. Offering a variety of emotional calmness and heavy loudness, Emerra manages to create a wideness and depths that knows no limits. After releasing the debut EP, “Monochrome” including the Discover Weekly featured single “Pirouette”, Emerra will now be back in 2022 with new material unleashing all momentum that has built up in the global pandemic. 


Multi-platinum Australian singer-songwriter VASSY, popularly known for her global hit “Bad” with David Guetta and Showtek which has over 1.5 billion streams across platforms, and rising Miami-based dance music producer GT_Ofice, known for songs like “Ooh La La” featuring Britt Lari, have collaborated to release their inspiring new single “TUFF.” Set to ignite dance floors around the world, the anthemic, driving house track is available now on all DSPs and streaming services HERE.

VASSY and GT_Ofice’s new single “TUFF” begins immediately with VASSY’s unmistakable and heavenly vocals as she sings inspiring lyrics about resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. She vocalizes the message of becoming stronger from struggles and proving doubters wrong as the beat builds to an exuberant and driving melodic house climax that is sure to move dance music fans around the world.

Multi-platinum award-winning Australian artist VASSY has positioned herself as one of dance music’s prominent authentic female artists. In 2013, her song “We Are Young” went number 1 on Billboard’s US Dance Chart making her the first Australian artist debut to go number 1. The song was also featured in Disney’s Academy award-winning blockbuster Frozen. In 2014, she collaborated with David Guetta and Showtek on their iconic single “Bad“, which became 7 times double platinum. The following year she collaborated with Tiësto and KSHMR on their track “Secrets“, which reigned atop the Billboard Club chart and Beatport charts, and went straight to number No. 1 in 20 countries. In 2017, her and Afrojackreleased “Lost” with Oliver Rosa, which hit No. 1, marking VASSY’s fourth Billboard No. 1 single. “TUFF” follows her recent chart-topper “Chase,” which was #1 on both the US & Australian Dance Radio charts.

“TUFF is a song about persevering. No matter how hard things get, you’ve just got to just roll with the punches and keep going,” VASSY said about “TUFF.” “After the success of CHASE going #1 I wanted to go a different direction as I love doing that with records – changing it up. I have always wanted to write a song using this expression ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”  as It resonates with me.  I think most people can relate to this song because everyone has their ups and downs and sometimes you just need a little motivation to get through it!!”

New York native and Miami-based rising producer GT_Ofice (Caine Sheppard) had a unique start as a former child actor who found passion in music and producing at a young age; inspired by artists like EDXand Martin Garrix. His songs including “Ooh La La” with Britt Lari and “Tastes Like Summer” with Linney have garnered him over 10 million streams and led to performances at major nightclubs in Las Vegas, Miami, and of course his home of New York City. Despite the pandemic occurring within the past two years, he has stayed busy with his weekly radio show on Energy 101.9 FM San Jose, California every Wednesday at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

“I have always been a fan and wanted to work with VASSY, so when I heard from her I was excited to collaborate.” GT_Ofice continued about the new single, “‘TUFF’ was an instant connection. Her songwriting is always so authentic so I wanted the production to be the same, I went for a bouncy piano uplifting anthemic vibe. I think ‘TUFF’ speaks volumes for many people, especially a lot of folks that have been going through tough times lately with everything going on in the world. We hope this song inspires our fans.”

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Lauren Waller’s New Single is Giving Us a Musical Rush

Los Angeles based pop artist, Lauren Waller, just released a new single that is sure to keep you coming back for more. “Dopamine” is the song we didn’t know we needed. This dark and textured pop song has a Lorde vibe in the music itself, yet her vocals are very much like Ingrid Michaelson. Her intimate and poetic lyrics in a song about a failed love story has an interesting relationship with the music. She manages to create this interesting space where the music makes the listener feel distant and disconnected, yet the lyrics tell a familiar story.

“Dopamine” is harmonic and melodic while also having an ere of dissonance to show the disconnect between these two people who are not really in love. She gets you moving and singing along while also making you feel out of place. It’s masterful.

Listen to “Dopamine”:

Lauren Waller has already had a strong career in music. Her resume includes performing on RTE, Ireland’s National Television, at the International Rose of Tralee Festival, and appearances at the Viper Room and the Hotel Café. She’s even opened for many iconic bands such as Wilson Philips, Anna Nalick, A Flock of Seagulls, and most recently: Tower of Power. She was set to open for KT Tunstall prior to COVID-19, but the show has since been postponed.

Her collection of work includs two EPs, a Christmas cover song, and a collection of original singles! Her latest EP—her second overall— no names here, blurs the line between the observational and the personal. Themes of relationships course through the five-song EP, and, in tone and lyrical content, Lauren expresses raw truths without feeling the need to tilt narratives in the way of happy endings. no names here is rife with stunning songs that whisk the listener away to sonic hemispheres replete with dizzying sensual vocals, undeniable pop hooks, and sleek electro-tinged atmospherics. Since releasing her second EP, Waller has shared a collection of singles that follow similar tones of mystery and edge, but also embracing the voices, accepting lost love, and playfully toying with the object of her affections.

Most recently, Lauren has shared new singles that mark a stepping stone in Lauren’s arc as a growing writer and singer; Lauren’s has entered this enlightened era with both confidence and swagger in her singles titled “Night Stalker” and “Best Coast.” “Night Stalker” is a sickly-sweet pop single featuring an edgy beat and sinister lyrics that are punctuated with slasher-esque references and harmonies. Between the lyrics, the melodies, and the production: Night Stalker melds culturally relevant, chilling horror with an up-tempo urban dance track. “Best Coast” is a summer anthem highlighting the party lifestyle that some know all too well in California. The lyrics poke fun with a fresh take on party culture. “Best Coast” is reminiscent of catchy 2000s hip hop and pure pop. The beats and production make “Best Coast” catchy, danceable, and relatable because we all know that in California, we like to party.

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“To Say Goodbye” is the Cinematic Pop Song That Brings Hope To Adoptees

Pianist, violinist, composer, recording artist, and singer/songwriter, Ferera Swan is the voice for those who feel the same sort of pain and grief. As an adult child of adoption, Ferera is a beacon of hope for other adult children of adoption, using music to guide them and others through the feelings of grief, pain, suffering, shame, secrecy, and generational trauma. Her poignant lyrics and her cinematic inspiration is what makes her unique. In the past 3 years, she changed her name to reflect her Filipino-American heritage and the identities of her birth parents. In doing so, she is celebrating her cultural identity and acknowledging her painfully complex birth story.

Her epiphany has happened many years into her music career. One way to think of this new music era is as if Ferera Swan is a new artist 15 years in the making. To date, she has written, arranged, and engineered music for other artists in varying genres, and she has worked as a session musician in a variety of contexts.

Her new cinematic pop single “To Say Goodbye” takes that grief and puts it in the forefront of the song. She saying that it’s ok to not be ok, that this sort of pain is normal, and you are not alone. Her voice is like Kelly Clarkson, it’s soulful and purposeful. “It’s easy to dismiss people’s pain, but it takes a kind of bravery to be curious,” shares Ferera.‘”To Say Goodbye’ is an invitation of empathy: May we have the courage to empathize with another’s grief that we will never understand; that in doing so, we may discover deep empathy for our own.”

Listen to “To Say Goodbye” here:

On this song, her lyrics come from a place of strength and self-awareness hard fought from years of pain and confusion. She shares some insight, saying “Some of our greatest gifts can be found in our deepest pain. Through allowing myself to explore what hurts, I’ve found purpose, self-compassion, and the meaning of courage.”

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AP Tobler’s New Music is Authentically Them

AP Tobler uses their own life as a guide for their music. Unlike many musicians out there, you can hear their passion and intimacy with the music, not just the words. We can hear their rawness and vulnerability in their work, allowing the listeners in and feeling along with them. AP Tobler is authentic and that’s what makes them, and their music, so amazing.

Their newest single, “Eclipse” was too big for a single song, so they gave us “Blunt Force,” the single that lives on the B-side. “Blunt Force” is the perfect companion piece to “Eclipse,” a grungy rock song that sounds like Nirvana meets Green Day. “Eclipse” This song is a personal one for AP that most people been through. It describes the way trauma affects our minds and bodies in the music. “Eclipse is about the mental block that comes with suffering a past trauma,” shares AP. “I wrote this song while I was replaying painful events in my head. I was sick of feeling upset over things that had happened years ago. When I write music about personal experiences, the lyrics and melody tend to come together very quickly. This is the case with Eclipse. I was actually on a phone call with friends and started feeling anxious. In the middle of the call, I opened my Notes app and started typing fragments of lyrics about how I was feeling.”

The companion piece, “Blunt Force,” is about a time in which a close friend to AP just left, suddenly and unexpectedly. There was no notice, they were just no longer friends with no explanation. This grunge song depicts this experience and the repercussions it had on AP. “After two years without resolution, I finally wrote a song to express the lingering emotions I was feeling,” says AP. “One night I picked up my guitar and wrote a cord progression that I liked. I started to write the lyrics and within 30 minutes I had a melody and lyrics to represent the emotions of this painful experience. I refined the song over a few sessions, adding layers to fill it out. The writing process was cathartic, as I had encapsulated this traumatic event into a song.”

Listen to “Eclipse” and the B-Side “Blunt Force” here:

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