Star Goes Nova New “Moonlight Beat with Sonic Butterfly” Stuns Listeners

Star Goes Nova is the talented new face in the world of Electro Pop, Synth, and EDM. Showcasing a brilliant journey through a sonic starship, the artist spins moving epic stories with instrumental masterpieces. A trailblazer in the genre, Star Goes Nova dispenses cinematic masterpieces, creatively composed for the next generation of musical icons. With electrifying sounds, memorable beats, and pulsating bass lines, her music is reminiscent of Pink Floyd, Swedish House Mafia, and The Glitch Mob.

She just released “Moonlight Beat with Sonic Butterfly,” a cinematic and fantasy synth and EDM single. Sonic Butterfly is a 26 string acoustic, chromatic, long-string harp designed and played by Andrea Brook. The strings are at minimum 60ft long and often strung over 200 feet long, and span out over the audience, transforming indoor and outdoor theaters, buildings, and natural environments into a stunning immersive musical instrument.

The technical incorporation of the unique giant harp into Star Goes Nova’s “Moonlight Beat” was an epic feat in itself with Grammy winning producer John Baffa tracking 16 microphones, mathematically distanced to achieve authentic echo/delay reverberations down the length of 60 foot harp strings. Star Goes Nova expertly wove in gorgeous piano, electronica and powerful growling dubstep beats. The effect is an epic tale of an astronaut discovering an ancient castle on a distant moon.

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“To Say Goodbye” is the Cinematic Pop Song That Brings Hope To Adoptees

Pianist, violinist, composer, recording artist, and singer/songwriter, Ferera Swan is the voice for those who feel the same sort of pain and grief. As an adult child of adoption, Ferera is a beacon of hope for other adult children of adoption, using music to guide them and others through the feelings of grief, pain, suffering, shame, secrecy, and generational trauma. Her poignant lyrics and her cinematic inspiration is what makes her unique. In the past 3 years, she changed her name to reflect her Filipino-American heritage and the identities of her birth parents. In doing so, she is celebrating her cultural identity and acknowledging her painfully complex birth story.

Her epiphany has happened many years into her music career. One way to think of this new music era is as if Ferera Swan is a new artist 15 years in the making. To date, she has written, arranged, and engineered music for other artists in varying genres, and she has worked as a session musician in a variety of contexts.

Her new cinematic pop single “To Say Goodbye” takes that grief and puts it in the forefront of the song. She saying that it’s ok to not be ok, that this sort of pain is normal, and you are not alone. Her voice is like Kelly Clarkson, it’s soulful and purposeful. “It’s easy to dismiss people’s pain, but it takes a kind of bravery to be curious,” shares Ferera.‘”To Say Goodbye’ is an invitation of empathy: May we have the courage to empathize with another’s grief that we will never understand; that in doing so, we may discover deep empathy for our own.”

Listen to “To Say Goodbye” here:

On this song, her lyrics come from a place of strength and self-awareness hard fought from years of pain and confusion. She shares some insight, saying “Some of our greatest gifts can be found in our deepest pain. Through allowing myself to explore what hurts, I’ve found purpose, self-compassion, and the meaning of courage.”

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