SEAN KIEZ Delivers Authentic Hip Hop Wit New Video + Single “Scared Money ft. Philthy Rich”

Sean Kiez is taking over 2021 on his own terms. With his fresh new single and video release for “Scared Money ft. Philthy Rich,” all eyes are on Kiez.  

Sean Kiez is an artist and songwriter by way of Houston who delivers a soulful sound and truthful lyrics. Kiez is blessed with a strong ability to develop talent and a fascinating ear for good music.

“Scared Money,” is filled to the brim with flavorful beats, and Kiez’s brilliant lyrical flow. The track not only showcases his work as a performer but a prolific songwriter as well. The video takes the piece to a whole new level with imagery and a vibe that helps to set the tone of what’s to come. Alongside his prior recent singles “Addicted ft. Jucee Froot,” and the groundbreaking “Bottom Bihh,”  Kiez shows no sign of slowing down as he outdoes himself once again on  “Scared Money.” The track was produced by Grammy Award Winning  producer Raphael ‘RJ2’ of Beats How You Want Em, with his eyes set for another Grammy with Sean Kiez. The coinciding video was shot at The Liberace Mansion in Las Vegas.

Kiez gives some insight of the release sharing: 

“When I went to Vegas to record my album, I knew we were going to be all work and no play. I had to get focused. It was like I was going to the desert to train like a fighter, but in the studio. I have so many hits on the way, and RJ2 is a genius like myself so we definitely carved the ‘Sean Kiez lane’ I’m sure y’all gonna enjoy.”

Kiez pulls influences from various angles which makes his music not only unique, but visionary. Inspired by the greats from Kanye West to Al Green, Luther Vandross, Nas, Jay Z, 2Pac and even Frank Sinatra, he delivers a prominent voice that helps to hone his own, true-to-self sound. With a West Coast flavor lyrically and the bounce of the South which is evident in his new single “Sacred Money,” the element of surprise is at every corner.

Kiez draws lyrics from a personal place and is inspired by life’s ups and downs, which also stimulates him to push the envelope of social issues into the music. Growing up in a musical house where songs were a way to escape and reflect, Kiez found the power of emotions within every piece. This made him realize how the backdrop of music helps to shape lives; and that was something he wanted to be a part of.

Kiez’s music is limitless, and he taps all genres giving the listener a rawness which will challenge you to escape mediocrity and boss-up.

Sean Kiez is bringing back authentic Hip Hop and R&B vibes, so get ready…it’s going to be a wild ride.

“Scared Money ft. Philthy Rich,” is out now via Youtube and all digital platforms.

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Perla Nalu’s Debuts Heartfelt Song “Twilight Sleep”

Perla Nalu’s debut song “Twilight Sleep” is a haunting indie track you won’t want to miss. Filled with beautiful cries and angelic vocals, this song shivers down your spine. You will be enraptured by the melodies and harmonic creativity intertwined through the deep and emotional track. As timeless as the famed band Enya, Perla Nalu spins her instant-hit vocals into an audio experience impossible to forget. A dark lullaby, “Twilight Sleep” will haunt your mind rent free. 

With vocals meant to grace the title track of mega-blockbuster movies, Perla Nalu is the rising star of the music industry. Unquestionably gorgeous, her voice is like a siren calling out into the night. Masterful is the only way to describe her unique trademark sound. A voice like this is found in only every few decades, and as you listen to “Twilight Sleep” you will find yourself wanting to keep hearing more – not wanting the beautiful song to end. As good as the vocals are, there is no surprise that the lyrics tell just as much as a moving and touching story. A lovely, moody, and heartbreaking tale that can only be done justice in the way Perla Nalu sings it. With musical talents and wordsmith skills such as these, there is no question that “Twilight Sleep” is the first of many hits for this up and coming artist. In fact there seems to be no up and coming to it, rather that Perla Nalu entered the music industry, looked at it’s throne, and said “I’ll take that back now”. 

Beautiful, haunting, and entirely enrapturing, Perla Nalu has unmatched vocals that are going to take the world by storm. This rising star’s debut track, “Twilight Sleep” is pure proof that she will soar far on the wings of her angelic voice. Keep your eyes on this new artist, she’s going places you will not want to miss. 

Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Steven H. Scott

New Hampshire based singer/songwriter/producer Steven Scott describes his music as ‘acoustic folk rock for dreamers’. Meticulously crafted yet always room for exploration, nothing is written without a purpose. His debut EP, Albino Road, is just that. A musical endeavor that is searching for a soul; a purpose. Passionately crafted and full of emotion Steven searches both in the light and the darkness. What he finds is balance. We caught up with Steven as he discusses his new video “Albino Road”

1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way? 

The song itself revolves around two albino children who were, according to the legend, drowned by the town elders for being different. My goal with the video was not to sugarcoat it. The story takes place in the 1600’s. And, what really resonated with me, is not much has changed. Society still judges people the same way. I wanted to convey that message in the visuals.

2. What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

As stated above, one random evening while scouring the web i ended up on a site that depicted a road, about 20 minutes from my home, that was supposedly haunted. The story intrigued me. So one day i took a drive and found the abandoned road. This pretty much opened pandora’s box and the rest is basically the song.

3. What was the process of making this video? 

This was actually my 1st self produced video. I bought a black magic pocket cinema 4k camera just for this song. At the same time i knew that, producing this video alone in a pandemic, it would be hard to get a “crew” so i settled on stock footage and footage recorded in my home studio (where i have a video room).  It was an amazing learning experience and I can’t wait to do it again now that i got the basics down. -:)

Teressa Mahoney Comes to Life on “She”

Teressa Mahoney’s “She” is a larger than life release. A story of self realization and self appreciation, “She” is a much needed message of self love. Encouraging and direct, Mahoney seems to sing directly into your heart. With kindness seemingly woven into her voice, this upbeat and positive tour de force is one of Teressa Mahoney’s biggest successes yet. With a voice much like the famed artist JJ Heller and just as softly personable, Teressa Mahoney is an artist to be on the watch for. Creator and singer of the strong female ballad “She”, listeners will be hanging on the edge of their seats for the artist’s next release while keeping this one on replay. 

Listen in here:

A good message that needs to be heard by women everywhere, Mahoney’s “She” is about to be the next big thing. A version of lighthearted soft pop, Mahoney’s voice creates a dreamy sound that effortlessly blends into the story that she is singing her audience.  In the masterful way that only a true musician can, Mahoney is able to draw her audience in with quiet words of truth and strength. Solid, relatable, and much like a loving friend singing a song, “She” is the modern love song – the one to yourself. As equally an important lesson to learn, loving yourself for who you are is a message that needs to be heard right now, and thanks to this timely masterful release, it can be.  No doubt about it, Teressa Mahoney has that warm and welcoming girl-next-door ‘it’ factor, and the world is on the edge of it’s seat to see what she does next. 

Julia Messenger Delivers Charming Single “And We Danced”

Julia Messenger’s track “And We Danced” is a release the pop scene wasn’t ready for. Beat focused with a strong base, the instrumentalization is deep and heavy. Harmonies catch listeners’ attention in the chorus and leave them wanting for more. With a timeless voice and masterful songwriting, the lyrics call out to the audience in an intriguing way. Electronic tones and metallic additions make for an alternative edge that this pop song brings into focus. 

Lovers of the 2000s edgy pop scene will be excited to hear Messenger’s “And We Danced”. A lovely reminiscence of times past, “And We Danced” is a relatable song to fans and new listeners alike. An audio experience of base, drums, and timeless vocals, Messenger’s release is coming for the throne of alternative pop. 

An investigation into a relationship that is now the past, “And We Danced” is keenly relatable to everyone who has looked back on relationships themselves. A raw song, Messenger’s release is nothing short of brave for conveying the hurts and woes of the past. Something many have struggled through, emotions of being unwanted and hurt over the conflicts of the past are key elements of “And We Danced”. 

Beautifully and poetically named, “And We Danced” follows form in raw and real lyrics. Formerly titled “The Queen of Chill” by the press, Julia Messenger is able to effortlessly enter the pop genre and tell it who’s boss. Casual and confident, “And We Danced” is a new song of the oldest sorrows in the book. A must hear for the lyrical journey itself, “And We Danced” is a tour de force of its own.

Shoshana Ami Reveals Epic New Release

The daughter of a concert pianist and 3 musicians as older siblings, shaped Shoshana Ami’s love for music. Growing up in her native city, Brooklyn, Ami experimented with music, teaching herself to play electric guitar at the age of 14 and became proficient in flute as she played with orchestras across New York City. For a period of time, Ami lost her passion, and veered away from music to becoming a model and actress in Off-Broadway Theater and independent films. She was on her way to becoming a therapist before rekindling her love for music again. She became a lead vocalist in several already established NYC bands, but still had a void which led her to study music production for songwriters and began writing her own music.

         Ami’s 10-track album, Pretty Liar, integrates her dark lyrics with vibrant, upbeat sounds and vocals infused with modern pop. On her title track, Pretty Liar, Ami sings “Where is your father when you walk the streets at 2 am. You’re getting in cars, collecting your scars and men. I’m so lonely, I can’t feel myself. Pretty Liar.” She then goes on to reference that the abandonment the character is feeling is of no fault of their own, singing, “You were once an innocent. The sin was theirs to repent.” The song titled, Different, theme is not living up to another’s expectations and wanting to disappear before telling them you will be different. This notion is prevalent in the following lyrics: “I just want to disappear sometimes, and make you go away…This time I’ll be different, like you wanted me. This time I’ll be different, I guarantee.”

         The usage of drums, guitar and computer generated sounds, produces an album that incorporates Ami’s own lived experiences, as well as, shared experiences of other women. Her album, Pretty Liar, came to fruition with the following musical influences in mind: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Coltrane. R&B, Punk, Classical, Ethnic and Rock genres are all present.     

         Ami’s album is essentially inspired by her life. Specifically, her battle with addiction and the recovery process, the death of her parents after her marriage, her relationship with her producer (Tony Conniff), her husband (Neal Ostberg), and the birth of her daughter. When asked about the title track, Pretty Liar, she replied, “Pretty Liar”, the album’s title, highlights a thematic darkness – the abandonment of a child that leads to creating a false self as protection.” As for the track Different, Ami contends, it is a song “that has somewhat hopeful lyrics with an undercurrent of sadness and surrender to a situation that will not change.” In reference to the album itself, she states, “The album is me. Different parts of me both real and imagined. It also incorporates experiences that other women have shared…In many places it centers around a character who is in fantasy and is resisting an imposing reality.”

         Ami has experienced many ups and downs throughout her life, yet she has come back stronger with every experience. The release of her album, Pretty Liar, revealed a work that embodies her very personal life experiences, and shares her gift and love of music with the world.