Teressa Mahoney Comes to Life on “She”

Teressa Mahoney’s “She” is a larger than life release. A story of self realization and self appreciation, “She” is a much needed message of self love. Encouraging and direct, Mahoney seems to sing directly into your heart. With kindness seemingly woven into her voice, this upbeat and positive tour de force is one of Teressa Mahoney’s biggest successes yet. With a voice much like the famed artist JJ Heller and just as softly personable, Teressa Mahoney is an artist to be on the watch for. Creator and singer of the strong female ballad “She”, listeners will be hanging on the edge of their seats for the artist’s next release while keeping this one on replay. 

Listen in here:

A good message that needs to be heard by women everywhere, Mahoney’s “She” is about to be the next big thing. A version of lighthearted soft pop, Mahoney’s voice creates a dreamy sound that effortlessly blends into the story that she is singing her audience.  In the masterful way that only a true musician can, Mahoney is able to draw her audience in with quiet words of truth and strength. Solid, relatable, and much like a loving friend singing a song, “She” is the modern love song – the one to yourself. As equally an important lesson to learn, loving yourself for who you are is a message that needs to be heard right now, and thanks to this timely masterful release, it can be.  No doubt about it, Teressa Mahoney has that warm and welcoming girl-next-door ‘it’ factor, and the world is on the edge of it’s seat to see what she does next. 


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