Julia Messenger Delivers Charming Single “And We Danced”

Julia Messenger’s track “And We Danced” is a release the pop scene wasn’t ready for. Beat focused with a strong base, the instrumentalization is deep and heavy. Harmonies catch listeners’ attention in the chorus and leave them wanting for more. With a timeless voice and masterful songwriting, the lyrics call out to the audience in an intriguing way. Electronic tones and metallic additions make for an alternative edge that this pop song brings into focus. 

Lovers of the 2000s edgy pop scene will be excited to hear Messenger’s “And We Danced”. A lovely reminiscence of times past, “And We Danced” is a relatable song to fans and new listeners alike. An audio experience of base, drums, and timeless vocals, Messenger’s release is coming for the throne of alternative pop. 

An investigation into a relationship that is now the past, “And We Danced” is keenly relatable to everyone who has looked back on relationships themselves. A raw song, Messenger’s release is nothing short of brave for conveying the hurts and woes of the past. Something many have struggled through, emotions of being unwanted and hurt over the conflicts of the past are key elements of “And We Danced”. 

Beautifully and poetically named, “And We Danced” follows form in raw and real lyrics. Formerly titled “The Queen of Chill” by the press, Julia Messenger is able to effortlessly enter the pop genre and tell it who’s boss. Casual and confident, “And We Danced” is a new song of the oldest sorrows in the book. A must hear for the lyrical journey itself, “And We Danced” is a tour de force of its own.


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