Shoshana Ami Reveals Epic New Release

The daughter of a concert pianist and 3 musicians as older siblings, shaped Shoshana Ami’s love for music. Growing up in her native city, Brooklyn, Ami experimented with music, teaching herself to play electric guitar at the age of 14 and became proficient in flute as she played with orchestras across New York City. For a period of time, Ami lost her passion, and veered away from music to becoming a model and actress in Off-Broadway Theater and independent films. She was on her way to becoming a therapist before rekindling her love for music again. She became a lead vocalist in several already established NYC bands, but still had a void which led her to study music production for songwriters and began writing her own music.

         Ami’s 10-track album, Pretty Liar, integrates her dark lyrics with vibrant, upbeat sounds and vocals infused with modern pop. On her title track, Pretty Liar, Ami sings “Where is your father when you walk the streets at 2 am. You’re getting in cars, collecting your scars and men. I’m so lonely, I can’t feel myself. Pretty Liar.” She then goes on to reference that the abandonment the character is feeling is of no fault of their own, singing, “You were once an innocent. The sin was theirs to repent.” The song titled, Different, theme is not living up to another’s expectations and wanting to disappear before telling them you will be different. This notion is prevalent in the following lyrics: “I just want to disappear sometimes, and make you go away…This time I’ll be different, like you wanted me. This time I’ll be different, I guarantee.”

         The usage of drums, guitar and computer generated sounds, produces an album that incorporates Ami’s own lived experiences, as well as, shared experiences of other women. Her album, Pretty Liar, came to fruition with the following musical influences in mind: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Ella Fitzgerald, and John Coltrane. R&B, Punk, Classical, Ethnic and Rock genres are all present.     

         Ami’s album is essentially inspired by her life. Specifically, her battle with addiction and the recovery process, the death of her parents after her marriage, her relationship with her producer (Tony Conniff), her husband (Neal Ostberg), and the birth of her daughter. When asked about the title track, Pretty Liar, she replied, “Pretty Liar”, the album’s title, highlights a thematic darkness – the abandonment of a child that leads to creating a false self as protection.” As for the track Different, Ami contends, it is a song “that has somewhat hopeful lyrics with an undercurrent of sadness and surrender to a situation that will not change.” In reference to the album itself, she states, “The album is me. Different parts of me both real and imagined. It also incorporates experiences that other women have shared…In many places it centers around a character who is in fantasy and is resisting an imposing reality.”

         Ami has experienced many ups and downs throughout her life, yet she has come back stronger with every experience. The release of her album, Pretty Liar, revealed a work that embodies her very personal life experiences, and shares her gift and love of music with the world.


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