Kick and the Hug Unleash “Girl You Changed”

Kick and The Hug is an American Indie rock band, hailing from Boulder Colorado. Their first single, “Girl You Changed” is from their debut album release this summer.

“Girl You Changed” is a song that has Festival headliner written all over it! Vibrant, with punchy staccato strings, guitar and a chorus that is altogether catchy and reminiscent of modern 90’s rock.  Lead singer / guitarist Doug Murray and drummer / keyboards Sam Young used to play in 1990’s Boulder outfit, The Winebottles. Murray and Young are joined together with base player Mike Ferguson (also strings and vocals), and lead guitarist Tyler Skye. 

““Girl You Changed”, is a song about a fan who “appears from the past” to support her favourite band, us … who literally have not released a song in 25 years, coupled with the excitement of seeing one of our favourite bands (like Wilco, Band of Horses, or Local Natives) play a live show in a small club. Only this time WE’RE on stage. 

On this track, and the band’s upcoming debut self release, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Kick and the Hug, “ Tyler Skye, has worked his magic on a great production. 

Stay current with Kick & The Hug on their website and their social media platforms Facebook, and Instagram 

Music is available for streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube Music. 

Stream “Girl You Changed” Here:

Follow Kick & The Hug Here:


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