Marius Billgobenson Comes Alive with Jazz-Fueled Single “Joy”

Marius Billgobenson is back with another jazzy, soulful single “Joy”. This is the second single released off his upcoming album The Spirit Love. “Joy” is a feel-good song expressing the happiness one feels about someone who has been a constant ally and friend through time. For Marius, this constant support comes from his love for God. He is who gives Marius joy at any given time and day.

“Joy” combines Marius’s talents in the jazz genre, but also touches into some gospel elements which gives the single a more graceful flow. Marius also adds a little R&B flair to this song as it is much slower than his typical songs. His voice is silky smooth alongside this slow, feel-good song. It appears Marius is using an organ for his keys, which is common in gospel music. Marius creates an incredibly catchy chorus that allows the listeners to sway along to and fully take in the meaning behind this song. 

When listening to “Joy”, there is a great similarity between Marius’s work and other iconic soulful jazz artists. The first artist that comes to mind when listening to this song is Marvin Gaye. Marvin Gaye is a legend in the jazz genre and has frequently made fast, upbeat jazzy songs as well as slow, R&B inspired songs. Marius exudes a similar vibe to that of Marvin Gaye both in his vocal production and in the instrumentation. Marius adds multiple layers of vocal tracks for the chorus which not only creates the illusion of a gospel, but also expands the dimension of the single. Similar to Bill Withers, Marius uses his voice to create a sensational sound experience. His addition to vocal layers allows the song to stand out among the pool of soulful, jazzy songs released daily. 

Marius has a very strong talent and continues to impress us with every song he releases. Marius pays homage to the Congos in his music as he implements many unique sounds and instruments native to his homeland. Marius writes beautiful songs tied to the concept of love and the different forms it takes. Marius releases music in hopes that many people will relate to the emotions portrayed in his lyrics and want to spread the message of love to many others. “Joy” asks the listener to truly feel the happiness and safety that comes from someone who is always there for them and to then spread that same feeling to others. Marius creates very down-to-earth music and “Joy” is no exception. This song is an exquisite work of art. 

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