Ámaris Wen Reveals “Endless Possibilities”

Actor, recording artist, music producer and songwriter, Ámaris Wen, is a rare commodity. From receiving formal training in drama school, to releasing her first album in 2014 (Geiko-Female Electronic Dance Music), and working for major record labels as a playlist manager, Ámaris is a jack-of-all-trades. A London-based artist with a genre focus in R&B, Electronic and Neo Soul, Ámaris has created a genre-defying sound that is welcomed by many. Past successes of Ámaris also include her two albums: Neon Colours (2017) and Dream World (2020), along with her music video, No Signal (2021), and appearance in the short film, Supernova.

The single, Endless Possibilities, focuses on the numerous opportunities to protect our environment and planet. Singing, “Endless possibilities polluting the earth before you speak”, Ámaris is reminding her listeners that many factors are negatively impacting our planet, and it is up to us to take action by contributing to our environment while opportunities are still present. Drawing influence from chillwave, synth pop and the 90s/2000s, Ámaris intertwines beats and sounds into Endless Possibilities that deliver a vibe similar to the sounds of Zapp and Alexander O’Neal.

Ámaris contends, “Endless Possibilities is about chances, about opportunities that we should take to look after the environment, and our planet, while we still have these opportunities.” She also expresses her desire to deliver an important message, while creating “a song that brings you feel-good vibes, and the warm, nostalgic feeling of the music I listened to as a kid.”

Extremely vocal on the protection of oceans, along with being an ambassador for Big Blue Ocean Clean-up (a non-profit organization), Ámaris’ passion for conservation of the planet is undeniable in her music. Her new track, Endless Possibilities, is available to stream on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.


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