Video Voyeur – 3Qs with The Hate Club


The Hate Club have been one of my favorite new discoveries this Fall. The brainchild of Alex Poe, he takes us on an amazing ride with his new single and video for “One Mile Away.” Nostalgic and danceworthy tones bring the piece to life, as the collaboration of visual and audio go above and beyond to create a noteworthy experience. We had the chance to catch up with The Hate Club for an exclusive Video Voyeur which you will find below!


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

One Mile Away is one of my the most favourite tracks on the EP, alongside Little By Little, and it felt natural to start with it. Besides, I noticed that a lot of fans and people going to my shows were really digging it so it all made sense. The song itself was created right before The Hate Club was born, I was going through a very difficult breakup situation, and all the music written at that time was so therapeutic for me. I absolutely needed to make this edgy sound and write in a manner that helped me recover and get over being dumped like that. I felt really frustrated and pissed off. I think I was always the one caring too much and this song is really about looking for someone to fill that hole in you…for one night…when you’re hurt you stop believing in romance and all the pseudo-inspirational stuff and I didn’t want to feel weak, I didn’t like it.


What was the inspiration for this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The video went through several storyline permutations, but the core idea of a performer not getting any “love” on stage until his transformation was always there. It is reminiscent to when I just started performing, when I was suuuuuper shy and unconfident about being on stage, omg, it was bad haha. And then with The Hate Club I kind of stopped caring about a lot of insecurities that I’ve had and instead went for this idea of an antihero. We’re always so focused on things that represent “our best”, but then our flaws (or what people call flaws) also make us into what we are. That is true to the sound I’m making, personality and the entire artistic vision. That’s where I feel comfortable being at.


What was the process of making this video?

Full idea for this video was developed with the director Vlad Akushevich whom I met in LA, we met up at my place and really kicked it off. That’s when we started goofing around and came up with the whole talent show thing and decided to pursue those ridiculous cliche visuals. We pretty much knocked the whole idea out in a couple of hours and then it was a matter of the details and figuring out camera angles. We end up having so much footage that we could easily make into a film haha. The actual production was super exhausting, since I was producing it, directing, starring, building the stage and making sure everyone shows up. I remember finishing the stage set up at 3am on the day of the filming, and then driving a truck to grab more gear because we missed something, and then filming everything for 2 days, it was insane. I think everyone did such a great job to make it happen, people really had a lot of fun on the day of the shoot, it kinda turned into a party by the end of it all.

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Watch Rome Burn Share New Release

Watch Rome Burn is a two piece ( guitar and drums) Seattle area rock band, comprised of brothers Jestyn (drums) and Drew (guitar/vox) Cummings. With their distinctively raucous and powerful sound, and with no patience for locked gates, they are the fierce voice of an emerging tribe driven by hunger that burns deep in the guts. The band emerged just two years ago, conceived and born under the brooding skies and shadowed hills of the Pacific Northwest.

The music draws influence from the dark and introspective Seattle Grunge scene, and the intensity from early proto-Punk and first generation LA Punk bands; yet, they stand apart. Their rough, unsentimental music spurns the effete, whimpering death trip of urbanized self absorption. They light a fire with the dark fuel of addiction, apathy and suicide, watch the flames and survive the darkness; Never mind the heat. A fallen city, filled with rot and decay of indifference is cleansed by it. That is the genesis and the passion of Watch Rome Burn.

The two brothers have been making music together since childhood, Jestyn is a visionary; the living, beating heart of Watch Rome Burn, the guitar is his lyre. If Jestyn is the heart, then Drew is the soul of the band.

Watch Rome Burn embody the ‘two piece revolution’ – the stripped-down-but-powerful set up, leaping like living flame out from the funeral pyre of Grunge and Punk to light the way and burn anew. They are set to release their self-produced second album – VOX HERETIC – this September 2018 with a national tour of the US planned for July – August of 2019. The tribes have gathered at the city gates, the flame is lit, the fire has begun.

Matt Oestreicher Reveals New Track “Human Anymore”

HumanAnymore_cover (2).png
Matt Oestreicher shares his new single “Human Anymore,” with the world today for the delight of our ears. The single is the first we have heard from the artist in a little while, but right from the start it proves that it was worth the wait.

This track will appeal to anyone who loves classic rock albums from the 80’s.  We can’t help but hear a touch of The Police as the bridge is a nod to “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” with lovely soaring harmonies and masterful guitar work we can’t wait to hear the whole record.

Oestreicher has been a musical legend in his own right the past few years as he has played alongside the likes of Stevie Wonder and Bon Jovi to name a few. The new track offers up a a bold new look into the artist as he takes center stage. The result is a magical track that has us eager to hear more from the noteworthy artist. Make sure to give it a listen via Spotify below!


Eli Lev Shares the Glorious “Chasing Daylight”

Singer-Songwriter Eli Lev kicks off our weekend with his gorgeous new single, “Chasing Daylight” which captivates our attention from start to finish. The musician who has had a successful string of single releases this year, takes us on another musical adventure with the track. The bold and vibrant piece is dreamy from start to finish as it grabs your attention and holds it. Perfect for the Fall weather, Lev somehow has outdone himself once again.

Eli has built a strong profile through winning over audiences whenever he picks up a guitar. He has played all over the world with performances that include Burning Man, Music on the Mall Festival in Washington DC; Kennedy Center Millennium Stage for the METRO Performs Series; and playing at the US Capitol building at the invitation of DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and more.
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The Hate Club Deliver Epic Video for “One Mile Away”


Coming from a musical family, The Hate Club’s Alex Poe exhibited innate musical talents at a young age but didn’t start to develop his sound until he found refuge in LA after fleeing from his home in Ukraine. He found through experimenting with a custom-built Ableton Push, he was able to combine his punk rock influences with his love for electronic music to fulfill his vision of reproducing the stage presence of a full-band to the electronic music scene.


“One Mile Away”, a standout track and video off the project, is initially reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys’ early days but takes a refreshing turn as what sounds like a distorted bass guitar transition reveals itself as a springy, bass synth that cues in a Skrillex-esque breakdown. The fast-pace and heavy overdrive on the entire track showcases THC’s punk sensibilities and conjures strong feelings of angst as Poe expresses his frustrations with having one-night stands to cope with heartbreak.

The Hate Club – One Mile Away from Alex Poe on Vimeo.

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Pale Blue Dote Shares Stunning Record “Anatomy”


Pale Blue Dot is quickly becoming one of our favorite new discoveries. The group who has recently released their new record “Anatomy,” comes alive with a vibrant nature, filled to the brim with grunge hooks and rock and roll goodness. This album will take you to places you didn’t even know you could go. The notes flow perfectly together on the record and really take you away into a whole different world. It’s raw, and honest, just like rock and roll should be.


Taking pages out of the books of artists such as Foo Fighters and Cold Play, the group entices within every listen. Each song on the record is an absolute hit as they stand out on their own. Favorite tracks of mine include pieces such as “Dust and Light,” and “Canyons,” which bring the essence of the band to life. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the group shows no sign of slowing down..and we like it. Dive into the record via Spotify below.

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