A is for Atom Comes Alive on New EP


A is for Atom kicks off the weekend with his clever new EP “Last Man on the Moon,” which is astonishing from start to finish. The moniker of Brooklyn-based Mike Cykoski, we have heard his musical skills evolve over the past few years. His charismatic and bold sound carries throughout the short-but-sweet EP, that puts him ahead of the rest in the game of Indie.

This year A is for Atom has shared a few tracks from the record including “Rainbows,” “No Signals, and the title track “Last Man on the Moon.” Cykoski melodic vocals are brought together by his intimate and vibrant instrumentation and charming songwriting.  I dare you to not get these songs stuck in your head!

Listen to the EP, here:

Sarah Ragsdale Releases “Whimsical Romance” Today

Sarah Ragsdale 'Sassy'

Songstress Sarah Ragsdale releases her anticipated new album, Whimsical Romance with the world today. With a string of ambitious singles, Ragsdale has been on the Modern Mystery radar for quite some time now. Her eclectic charm and unique instrumentation, create a well-rounded recorded, filled with subtle pop hooks and creative lyricism. The playful record tells the stories of life’s ups and downs, romance and beyond, with standout singles such as “Next Time,” and “This Kiss.” Kickstart your weekend with a little Sarah Ragsdale in your headphones; you won’t regret it!

Find Sarah Ragsdale and Whimsical Romance via: https://www.sarahragsdale.com/https://www.sarahragsdale.com/

Lauren Waller Asks “What If”


Lauren Waller is a Los Angeles native who is making waves with her new single “What If.” Taken from her latest endeavor, the “No Names Here” EP, she entices with a bold sound that will linger in your ears. A recent graduate from Pepperdine University, Waller has garnered acclaim from near and far, including Ireland. Catchy hooks and powerful vocals fill “What If” which sets the tone for the remainder of the equally stunning EP.

Give a listen to Lauren Waller’s “What If,” here: 

Find Lauren Waller Online, here:




Josh Taerk Is “Learning to Let Go,” with New Video


Josh Taerk has just released the music video for his single “Learning To Let Go.” The video features appearances from players on The Nashville Sound baseball team and follows a young man transitioning from childhood to adulthood while pursuing his dreams of becoming a pro baseball player, making this a must see video.

Josh Taerk says of the video:

“This was the first song I wrote with my producer and good friend Teddy Morgan who I was introduced to by John Oates (Hall and Oates).  Teddy and I wrote it in Teddy’s studio in Berry Hill, Tennessee and recorded it at Buzz Cason’s studio, The Creative Workshop. Cason was a backing singer for Elvis Presley and Kenny Rogers. In 1970, he founded ‘Creative Workshop’, a recording studio, where Dolly Parton, Jerry Reed, Merle Haggard, The Judds, The Doobie Brothers, Emmylou Harris and Olivia Newton-John recorded material.”

An enticing piece, Josh Taerk prominently secures his place as a notable artist of 2017. We’re excite to hear what he comes up with next.
Watch “Learning To Let Go” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqLNQO2E_kI


Twitter – https://twitter.com/joshtaerk

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/joshtaerk/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/joshtaerk


A is for Atom Returns with “Last Man on the Moon”


Brooklyn’s A is for Atom is back at it again with his new single “Last Man on the Moon.” Mike Cykoski is the genius behind the musical moniker, which impresses us with every listen. Taking the time to share a few words about the track, take a peek to what he has to say, below.

“I wrote Last Man on the Moon”  that explores the theme of never being able to go home again and nostalgia. On the surface it’s a sci-fi story about a man in the future watching the destruction of earth from his base on the moon. He is extremely frightened and feels understandable loneliness and isolation as the reality of his situation sets in. He’ll be stuck on the moon for the rest of his life and can never go home—he sends a signal into the emptiness of space at the end and realizes that it’s now a long way down and he’s doomed.

“Last Man on the Moon,” can be found via Soundcloud. On October 13, A is for Atom will also release his newest record, so be on the lookout!


Joe Wood Entices with “Somethin Bout You”


Joe Wood has just released his new infectious piece, “Somethin Bout You.” The follow up to “Rush,” Wood brings an enticing and symphonic sound to the table. Throughout the track his voice is gorgeous and smooth with a hypnotic beat that is laced from start to finish. Destined to be a musician, Wood was born with the perfect pitch. Teaching himself both piano and guitar, he has a stunning talent for writing irresistible and memorable hooks and instrumentation. His vocals and lyricism are captivating as he brings a blend of a prominent guitars, hip hop beats, a dash of pop and a little bit of synth into play. “Somethin Bout You,” is bound to be one of your new favorite singles of the year. I can’t wait to hear what else Joe Wood has up his sleeve…

Find Joe Wood Online via: