Steve Ropes’ “Restless Heart” Takes Center Stage

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Steve Ropes is an Italian musician and producer. At a young age, Steve learned how to play guitar and piano which he incorporates seamlessly into his productions. With strong metal and rock influences he played in a band for a few years before getting he got passionate about electronic music and started his solo project in 2018. Steve’s new single “Restless Heart” is an emotionally-driven electro pop track. As we boldly head into 2020, Steve Ropes offers up a glimpse of hope and a perfect collection of songs that will soothe the soul.

Listen to “Restless Heart,” today.


Midnight Vesta Has Another with New Track

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Midnight Vesta is a folk-rock band based out of Toronto, ON. Since the release of their debut EP, ‘The Sleight of Hand’ the band have been working the 401 and expanding an audience with their live performance. After solidifying their lineup in 2017 the band released their first LP, ‘Seconds’, which saw them shift from a banjo driven folk group to a guitar laden quartet, smothered in harmony. With successful national tours, airplay on community radio as well as the CBC, Midnight Vesta continues to establish themselves as a band with unprecedented work ethic and multi-generational appeal. They are set to release their second LP in early 2020.

The band’s new single, “I’ll Have Another,” was born from the strummy acoustic riff that you hear off the top, and ramps up throughout the song culminating in a soaring vocal at the end, and our ears are in love.
Listen in and listen loud, here:


Scott Goodwin Unleashes “Dirty” New Single

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Scott Goodwin is a multidisciplinary artist and producer born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Having developed a reputation as a blues rock mainstay at historic Toronto venues like Horseshoe Tavern and the Drake Hotel, Goodwin plans to supersede his reputation and introduce fans to another side of himself – the experimental, late-night-tinkering producer. The Lonely Lover Boy. 


Fans of his live show may not recognize the artist they’re hearing – which is exactly how Goodwin likes it. The lack of confines in his music-making process allows for a new fusion of his influences to take shape with every song. Spanning a wide array of genres, influences include the blues-rock of Bahamas to the DIY R&B and Hip-Hop of Anderson .Paak. The result is a brooding, lovelorn collection of songs that put up a magnifying glass to the mind of the young upstart. He is equally deft at capturing both the hopefulness of new love, and the whiskey glass-on-the-dash abandon of love lost. 


With 2016’s August, Goodwin introduced himself as a garage-rocking, heart-on-his-sleeve multi-instrumentalist committed to proving he has songwriting chops to match his versatile guitar playing. The intermittent years have seen Goodwin in his home studio, mixing and producing for other artists while plotting his next moves – creating multiple projects scheduled for release in an eventful 2020. The first of these new projects to see the light of day is his sophomore release, Valentine. This new collection of songs is an experimental balancing act of Goodwin’s rock roots and hip-hop influences. In fact, many of the tracks on Valentine were written and recorded in one sitting, with Goodwin employing a lo-fi, stream-of-consciousness style in his flow and songwriting. 


A working photographer, Goodwin uses his work to explore themes that reflect the world around him. His sold-out 2020 exhibit, Friend Connection, displayed ideas of love, friendship & anxiety – universal experiences that serve to remind us of our similarities and interconnectedness. The exhibit will be returning again soon later this year to allow guests to once again ruminate on their past and current relationships and their impact on their mental health. 

Rory Taillon Gives a Warm “Welcome”


Ottawa-based singer/songwriter Rory Taillon is a road warrior, touring across the country and back again. He has the soul of the East coast but the sound of the West in his songs with a voice to match the majesty of the Rockies. Rory’s new single, “Welcome,” is a rhythmic, solemn folk track with layered harmonies that we can’t get enough of.

He has charted; earshot, community radio, hitting number three on the National Folk Charts with his last album, “Only Whispers” – sitting next to Buffy St. Marie. But like Buffy, Rory Taillon is no coffeehouse kat seeking accolades over lattes. He is no beatless poet. He is a classically trained singer, a multi-instrumentalist and vocally can turn his hand to a variety of genres. The acoustic is for touring, there’s only so much room in a civic for gear, merch afterall and that voice, that voice needs its own tour bus. It is a band unto itself.

Electro Pop Artist Maggie Szabo Releases “Back Where We Started” ​

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Hailing from Canada but currently based in Los Angeles, Electro-Pop artist Maggie Szabo has been winning over audiences worldwide with her stunningly soulful vocals and empowering pop anthems. Her new song and video for “Back Where We Started,” is officially out via all digital platforms. “Back Where We Started,” is filled to the brim with gorgeously crafted vocals, surrounded by sultry and vibrant melodies that will entice your ears.

“It’s so fitting that ‘Back Where We Started’ is the first song off my new EP because I wrote it at the beginning of my journey towards personal growth and really learning the meaning of self-respect and love,” Szabo shares of the track. “I’m so grateful that I’m now able to use my music as a personal platform to help empower my fans on their own journeys. I wrote “Back Where We Started” about a relationship I didn’t have the strength to walk away from, even though I knew it wasn’t healthy. I hope when people hear it, they’re reminded it’s ok to not be strong all the time – you have to cut yourself some slack – and you learn lessons through love. That’s how you grow.”


Listen and Watch “Back Where We Started” here:

After quickly becoming one of the most sought after songwriter/vocalists for DJs and notable film and TV placements, Szabo’s latest work has focused primarily on her solo project and was written in some of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth, including Greece, Amsterdam, London and Thailand. Maggie has been featured in the likes of The Advocate, Billboard, Perez Hilton, PopCrush, Earmilk, Huffington Post and more, and has also had notable placements in film and television from NBC to Netflix and beyond. With a quickly growing fan-base, over 14 million plays on Spotify, and a social media following that tops some of the nation’s most established pop artists, Szabo has effectively used the internet to showcase and market her songs to the world and her dedicated fans. Our ears are ready for more!

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Dan Miraldi Reveals the Perfectly Timed “Mood Music for Introverts”

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Dan Miraldi’s latest record “Mood Music for Introverts,” is a comforting release we all need right now. As we are alone, together, Miraldi’s notable EP will resonate with your heart and ears. The record is a step in a new direction for Miraldi, as he truly creates a labor of love; being the sole musician and writer on the release, with the exception of only one track.
A string of successful singles have come to life in the release that has been drawing us in for the past couple of months. From the heavenly “Kingdom Come,” to the blissful “I Thought You Should Know,” the tone Miraldi carries throughout the EP is an honest, and beautiful one at that. “Mood for Introverts” brings a charming flow that takes his in-depth lyricism and haunting arrangements to the next level. Each song tells a story, and the mood sets one of a 1960s East Village Folk club.

Working alone, Miraldi wrote, played and sang every note on the record. The sole outside cameo comes from a slide guitar guest appearance by Jay Nemeyer (of the DC-based electro pop band Color Palette) on the recently mentioned “Kingdom Come.”
Miraldi states: “There is a lot of overproduction in modern music.  The songs are about vibe, not perfection.  I wanted this collection to sound warm and organic. There is no Auto-Tune on these tracks.  This project began as something just for me.  This is the music I make when no one else is looking.  However, my friends who heard these songs encouraged me to release them.  It is both exciting and scary, because there was no outside producer or mixing engineer to provide ‘adult supervision.’”

Standout tracks for me also include the hazy “Your Memory Leaves Me Stoned,” and the soulful “Stop & Start Over Again” which will provide the perfect song for your Summer drives. From beginning to end, Miraldi creates an ambitious record that sets the bar for other artists to come. It’s stunning, intricate, and filled with surprises within every note.

Dan Miraldi’s EP “Mood for Introverts,” is out now…and the timing is perfect.
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