Jon Stancer Chases the Moon

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Jon Stancer’s songs comprise and embrace a variety of popular styles, but he is mostly considered an alternative-pop-rock artist. He has worked and collaborated with many other artists over the years, including singer-songwriter John Southworth, musician and composer, Sam Allison (aka Lotus Wight), musician and producer, Hawksley Workman, musician and producer, Jono Grant, musician and producer Dominic Salole (aka Mocky), and more.
Stancer’s new single, “Chase The Moon,” is the first track to emerge from the sessions he was in the midst of recording when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. There’s an apocalyptic tone to “Chase The Moon” that fits our chaotic and mystifying world. Dive in below and discover your new favorite artist!


Mike Ruby Hits Gold with New Track


Mike Ruby is a Canadian-born musician on the rise. His newest single, “Unapologetic,” is an upbeat, pulsing electro-pop track featuring layered saxophone in the chorus. The visual mirrors the lyrics about “that badass that everyone knows – you either want to be them, or be with them.”

Born in Toronto, Mike Ruby moved to NY at 18 to pursue a career as a jazz musician, then signed to a subsidiary of Universal Music. After a breakup in college, he picked up a guitar and fell in love with writing songs. Then Mike began playing with synth-pop band St Lucia and while opening for Ellie Goulding realized he wanted to be a pop frontman. His first release in the summer of 2019 broke top 40 radio in Canada, and his original music now has over one million streams.


Anna Klein Wins Our Hearts with “Lonely”

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Anna Klein is a Toronto based singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. Since first writing music as an impressionable pre-teen, she has developed an ever evolving sense of musicality that has shaped her sound into what it is now. Anna‘s new single, “Lonely” is a punchy dream-pop track with an ambient sheen and moody vocals.

In recent years, Klein’s passion for both writing and production have amalgamated. Thanks to her acoustic roots, she is best known for her consistently emotive performances. After discovering an interest in electronic music, Klein started putting more focus on the sound of the instruments in order to create that same emotion. This concept led to her first full length album, These Days (2018), and is constantly influencing the way she produces her music today.

Parry Adams is an Artist to Watch

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Pittsburgh-based, folk singer-songwriter Parry Adams has released her single, “Whiskey Aftermath” which is the title track off her EP that came out on April 25th as well.

Adams prides herself on her honest songwriting, and this track is a testament to that. Her soulful vocals and wonderfully crafted lyrics contrast the upbeat melody of the song, making the perfect twist.

According to Parry, “Whiskey Aftermath is, in essence, a breakup song but not the sloppy-I-hate-your-guts-you-cheating-bastard breakup song. This song grows from two people who loved each other very much but came to understand that they wanted very different things. These different things could only result in paths that went in opposite directions.” We can’t wait for the next story she’s got up her sleeve!

Stream “Whiskey Aftermath” below:


Connect with Parry:

Video Voyager: 3Qs with Laura Baron

Laura Baron, esteemed songstress stemming from Washington D.C., has just released her brand new music video “Refugee.” We got the opportunity to catch up with Laura to learn about her inspiration and the creation process for this gorgeous masterpiece. Read on to find out more.


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?
This song began as images that came to me. I imagined a group of displaced families struggling to find a safe home again. I saw their agony as well as the light in their eyes and relief as they settled into a safe place. I imagined the fear in a mother’s heart relax as she watched her child playing in a world where without war or walls. I wanted to show not only the

pain and hardship of the refugee, but also the spirit of resourcefulness, courage and power of the human spirit that has really been part of the human story since the beginning. That strength that keeps us all walking, sailing, and riding throughout the ages towards a better life

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The song “Refugee “came first. Most of the lyrics seemed to flow, but at one point I was unsure how to continue. Around that time my sister in law, an excellent film maker had just finished a documentary on the Syrian refugees. Seeing the footage and looking into the faces of the people helped open up the rest of the song for me.  As a singer songwriter it was kind of cool to experience first seeing it all in my mind’s eye, then telling that story musically and then exploring how to help it come to life on film. I did not plan in advance to make a music video, but it just unfolded. The recording was produced by the excellent Washington DC producer Marco Delmar and features talented DC artists playing tabla and wooden flutes. The audio track was featured and reviewed as well in several blogs. It was part of my EP, “Long Road Home” and will be included in my upcoming 2020 album release, “Breakfast With Buddha.”
With the visuals, I tried to allow the integrity of my original song influence the images we chose. I wanted to take the viewer on a journey alongside the refugee through short fleeting scenes that illustrated the changing emotions of people on the run. Families that feel tossed out, discarded by the world. It was important to me that the visuals evolved from despair and desolation to hope, optimism and the joy. I wanted to help the viewer feel swept up in the emotion and leave the video feeling more connected and compassion towards our shared humanity. Beyond the walls and wars and politics lies the simple day to day life of people just like us trying to do the best they can searching for freedom and a better life.


What was the process of making this video?
I was fortunate to have a talented college film student, Mira Malcolm produce the video for me. We worked closely together over a period of a couple of months choosing footage that told the story.  All the footage was free stock video. We had a wealth to choose from and it was quite enjoyable (and addictive) to help Mira collect interesting footage options. The black and white photos from the NY library collection helped show the refugee through time. Mira did a beautiful job of capturing the emotional essence of the song and my vision on film. My ancestors came over on the boats from Russia and Poland as refugees onto Ellis Island at the turn of the last century. So I certainly carry the story of the refugee within my soul.

As a woman and an artist, I am committed to using my musical compositions and recordings to bring inspiration to a world in need of the healing power of music.


Video Voyager: 3Qs with 2 Story Cabin


Indie pop duo, 2 Story Cabin, which includes singer/songwriter Tempesta and producer/guitarist mmmatic, have just released their brand new single “Always Better” with accompanying music video on May 15, 2020. Though now based in Brooklyn, NY the duo is originally from Italy and made the trip all the way back for the purpose of shooting this video. Read more about their inspiration and process below.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

Tempesta: I first met the actress/director Esther Elisha in 2018 when she asked me to talk, as a multiethnic actress working in Italy, to a roundtable at the Venice Days 2018. She then started to involve me in a film project that dealt about sisterhood between people apparently so different from each other.

: Tempesta and I both thought that working on the ‘Always Better’ music video with her would have been a great way to start exploring this project together. When we presented her this idea she immediately jumped on the opportunity.


What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)? 

Tempesta: The song is inspired by the feelings of separation. It’s about the never-ending traveling journey that is life. Elisha took these concepts and put them into visuals with the help of cinematographer Camilla Cattabriga, whilst incorporating the concept of sisterhood.

What was the process of making this video? 

: After finishing the pre-production between August and September 2019, I booked a flight to go to Rome to shoot in the quirky neighborhood of Villaggio Olimpico. The whole trip lasted 5 days, with one day for fitting and scouting, one day for shooting, one day for backup and two days of travel. Personally, it was the first time I left mmmatic home alone with our 11 months old  baby, which was both liberating (it was literally the first time I was alone in 11 whole months) as well as nerve-wrecking.

: It was quite a challenge for me since I was completely on my own – both our families live in Italy – but I’m proud of how I contributed to the realization of the video, allowing Tempesta to fully focus on her acting and producing jobs.

: Everything went extremely well on set in Rome, with me pumping milk during each break while still dealing with production matters at the same time. It’s the first project formally produced by our production company CabinCrew.