Mo Kenney Shares “You Belong to Me”

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With her lonesome take on Patsy Cline’s “You Belong To Me,” Mo Kenney hints at her own longing, and asserts the universality of the song; to consider the distance between us and our loved ones, to miss them with all our heart, is as natural as breathing.
Over Kenney’s career, she’s explored numerous facets of herself. “You Belong To Me” is the introduction to a covers collection that will further unmask Kenney’s artistic identities.

Cabin Fever Orchestra Heats Up with New Single

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Cabin Fever Orchestra is the art project of Graeme Cornies that began in 2016. It has been his passion project, taken up at every available opportunity, when not writing for immediate television score deadlines. It has been a means of exploring new musical palette ideas, expanding on orchestration ideas Graeme found while working on other visual media, and it has served to expand his network of talented instrumental collaborators.
Under the Ice” is the first single to be shared off of Imaginary Landscapes, Graeme’s first album release since Patchwork from his former indie rock band Us and Others. The accompanying music video for “Under the Ice” venerates the beauty of nature, evokes curiosity and makes something ordinary feel like something novel.


Motorbike James Shares Intriguing Release

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Motorbike James is the musical brainchild and artist alias of Michael Werbicki, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer from Edmonton, Canada. Motorbike James’ natural prerogative is to live a life in the moment, for the moment. That emotion comes out in all sides of his life – chasing adrenaline highs, riding motorbikes, exploring the world, and most of all through music.

Motorbike James’ recently released debut single “me Roll,”, brings deep synths, hip hop inspired beats, and a laid-back vocal.

Motorbike James is a stream of consciousness writer, he writes through pure emotion and what he feels in the moment. What comes out the other side is a unique offering of music that is hard to pin under any one genre. Elements of electronic, indie rock, psychedelic, and R&B poke through each song. Motorbike James’ debut single “me Roll,” brings deep synths, hip hop inspired beats, and a laid-back vocal we will all come to know and love.

Abby J Hall Unveils Delightful Release

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 7.11.47 PM Abby J Hall is a singer/songwriter from Burlington, Ontario. Having been in the studio overthe past year, she is excited to be releasing new music over the next couple months. Everyone has a story to tell. Abby loves nothing more than to write some of those stories down and put them to music. 


Her new single, “Neighbour,” was written with Toronto-based singer/songwriter, Darrelle London, while eating A&W on London’s back porch, gazing into the neighbouring backyards and imagining what kind of people lived there. As a society, we don’t always take the time to truly know someone who may live right next door – we build both literal and metaphorical fences.



Video Voyager: 3 Q’s with Pia Salvia

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Fresh off the release of her latest album Blissful Sigh, we got the chance to catch up with Pia Salvia. This incredible harpist and singer from Belgium and former top 20 contestant on The Voice in France is also a Berklee College of Music Graduate and the list of her accolades go on and on. Read more to find out about her inspiration behind this amazing video and how the Coronavirus pandemic forced her to reroute her original plans!


  1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way? 

“Dark Longing” talks about obsession and toxic relationships – when you know that a relationship is bad for you but you keep going and can’t let it go. It is inspired by personal stories and experiences that probably most people can relate to. The song includes poetry written and performed by Dana Protsenko, and music and lyrics written and composed by myself. The chorus of the song is in French and the translation is: “Dark are the lips with which you possessed me, dark are the tears that you cried”.

The video demonstrates introspection. It is meant to represent the mind of the person talking, struggling with her feelings and trying to understand what is going on inside of her mind. We are experiencing the thoughts and emotions of this person.

To represent that, I wanted to use raw and simple shots, giving a very personal feeling. A close up of a person’s face can be a window to their inner world. In this video, we tried to give that sensation.

The harp is an important element in my music in general, and also specifically in this album and song. It is, in my opinion, a very beautiful and sensual instrument. This connects very well with the motive of passion and temptation in this song.


  1. What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)? 

I checked a few videos that had a similar vibe to what I was going for. For example, Nothing Compares 2U by Sinéad O’Connor or Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish. Those 2 examples inspired the video. Also, we tried to convey the meaning of the lyrics through the images and most importantly through the atmosphere.


  1. What was the process of making this video? 

This video was supposed to be done in April, which was right when the COVID-19 lockdown started, so all of my original plans for making this video changed. At the time, I was staying with my boyfriend and 2 friends, and one of them was a designer (she also designed my album cover) and visual artist. Instead of canceling the video production until things get better, I decided to do it at home with the equipment we had available. We were very limited but we managed to do it, and I am very happy with the result!

Watch the “Dark Longing” video now:

Connect with Pia Salvia:

Video Voyageur: 3Qs with Maggie Szabo

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Maggie Szabo is one of the hottest artists of this Summer. With a series of releases in the form of singles, remixes, EPs and videos this year, this Cali-based girl is definitely going the extra mile, with impeccable work to boot. Maggie Szabo has done some lucrative collabs with top DJs. Some of her premiers/interviews include The Advocate, Billboard, Popdust, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton and EARMILK and she’s landed multiple sync placements (NBC, Netflix, Disney, E!, etc.). She’s also an LGBTQ advocate and works with the Trans Chorus of Los Angeles.
Maggie stopped by for our Video Voyageur series for her new video “I Don’t Need You,” which you can get of a glimpse of below!

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

With every one song I release, there have been quite a few others that are written. Not every song I write ends up getting released, and usually when a song is done I love to get feedback from my team as far as which ones they really resonate with. We decided that ‘I Don’t Need You’ would be a great single to release, and one of my favourite parts about releasing a song is creating a music video for it. It gives me the ability to get visually creative, and that’s why we ended up creating a video for this song.

What was the inspiration behind this video(visuals, storyline, etc.)?

The music video opens up with me sitting in a wedding dress planning my fairytale wedding to my boyfriend, who I might add hasn’t proposed yet, only to receive a text from him that he’s dumping me! I won’t give too much away, but you basically won’t find me crying about our breakup. When I wrote the song, it was important to me that it was an anthem for independence and personal growth. I wanted the visuals to reflect that but in a fun, celebratory way. I wanted to show that being alone isn’t a bad thing and that when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to create your own happiness.

What was the process of making this video?

This is the first music video I ever shot during a time like this. Being in a pandemic, there were obviously a lot of limitations and I wanted safety to be first priority. We kept our crew down to only a few people, and I wanted everyone to be able to socially distance. That’s why throughout the entire music video there isn’t a single scene that I’m actually in with someone. I ended up shooting it at a friend’s house, which gave us a lot of outdoor space and it meant we didn’t have to change locations. It forced me to really get creative with the concept and make the most of the situation.