Willie Stratton Delights with New Song + Video

Willie Stratton picked up the guitar at age twelve and started writing songs soon after. A brief obsession with the banjo led to his first album, released in 2011, followed by his 2016 oddball alt country record, Della Rosa.

Stratton has now landed firmly on an old time country vibe with strong contemporary lyrics and a smooth baritone vocal, reminiscent of Roy Orbison. 

His new single, “Need Your Love,” is a rowdy, riff heavy country rock track that follows the story of two people who want to break out of the confines of their current world and experience something new and more daring.

Stratton shares:

Today I’m sharing with you “Need Your Love,” a song that captures the live vibe of my band: upbeat, rowdy, and very old school. I was inspired to make something new with that greasy, slightly satanic energy of rock and roll’s past.

My single has that rowdy, angsty mood of being young and restless as we follow two people who want to break out of the confines of their current world and experience something more daring.

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Many Masks Unveil Bold Single “Elevator”

Joseph Dubuc-Lavoie has that special touch. Working out of his own studio where he creates heartfelt electronic music as Many Masks, Joseph is ready to share his new album, The Elevator, with the world.

Fitting with its name, the collection of songs is something you just have to roll with. Picture an elevator with a mind of its own. The more you try to exercise control over it, the less it cooperates. The Elevator makes peace with the fact that we have no real control over the world. 

Many Masks shares:

The harder you try to control The Elevator the harder it becomes, at least in my experience. My new album out today is making peace with the fact that we have no real control over the world and the universe we reside in.

The album’s title track is about being haunted by someone from your past. 

For some reason this one person from my past has kept coming up in my dreams even though I have not talked with them in over ten years. 

I theorized that making a song about it might free me from it, but I can safely say that it did not.

She turned my heart into an elevator.

The truth is that I think my heart always was an elevator, she just made me realize it.

Thank you taking the time to listen,

The Detours Share Authentic Rock n’ Roll Video for “Tell Me”

The Detours provide an authentic spin on alternative and pop rock in Toronto’s indie circuit. Catchy narrative lyrics accompany diverse musical influences that flow through rhythmic punk-influenced riffs.

Preparing to take their sound in an exciting new direction for the return of live music, “Tell Me” is their most ambitious project yet. A reminder to push forward and keep your head up, the latest single is about battling with doubt and working towards self-discovery.

Check out the video filmed in a continuous take that brings the audience on the journey of crafting a song, from writing and rehearsing, to performing: https://youtu.be/igJ8nkkyPp0

LAMS Brings Bold New Single”Hours Of Fear”

East ­Coast­ hospitality meets knock-­your-­teeth-­out personality with Like A Motorcycle. The rockers are re­igniting the flame in the cynical hearts of seasoned punks, indoctrinating the teenage oddball children of terrified suburbanites, and inviting a morbid curiosity from everyone in between who haven’t dwelled in the grimy recesses of society… but would totally go to the afterparty.

LAM’s new single, “122 Hours Of Fear,” is a cover from 70’s LA punk band The Screamers who, despite cult-esque fame, never actually recorded/released a studio album. The song outlines the hijacking of Lufthansa flight 181 in 1977 and is sung from the point of view of a hostage.

Bazarian Unveils “Can We Pretend?”

Bazarian is the project of Armenian-Canadian artist Armen Bazarian. His rich scope of sonic endeavors, from singing in choirs to composing for TV and film, has shaped his unique sound; where the worlds of pop production and dance sensibilities sit in harmony with one another.

Can We Pretend?” his new gently nostalgic electro pop track, dissects how we can sometimes get lost in the movies we’ve made up in our heads, preferring to live in our fantasies rather than deal with reality.

Although rooted in a realist narrative, all of the characters within the fantasy that is conjured by the official video for “Can We Pretend?” share the main character’s face; a literalization of the idea of projection.

Technology has allowed us to create new possibilities. How authentic these possibilities are – and what they mean – is a question each person has to answer for themselves.

A Short Walk to Pluto Debut Epic New Release

Canadian rock band, A Short Walk to Pluto, combine the eclectic styling of progressive rock with catchy hooks and rhythms to create a uniquely modern sound. 

Their new single, “Harder to Breathe,” is an earnest acoustic guitar and string led number that blossoms into an electrified love story. 

Lyrically, the band has chosen the orbits of Earth and Venus to chart the dance of perfect symmetry that is love. This is impossible without both moving parts and requires each party to step out of their comfort zone in search of their Venus – their goddess of love.

Along the way, one may find their Winter, a beautiful and delicate being whose appeal is suppressed by their cold, unwelcoming touch. One can only hope that they are not stifled by their Winter and continue the search for their Venus.