Zach and Melissa Walker Share “Christmas Tears”

In the spirit of their past Christmas release they intended mostly for family and friends last year, Zach and Melissa Walker wanted to spread the joy into the 2020 holiday season.

“Christmas Tears” was originally written by Sid Bass and Robert Crewe;  Zach and Melissa Walker breathe new life into the track, providing the perfect foundation into the record as a whole. 

“There’s Snow-One Like You,” will be filled with holiday classics as Zach and Melissa put their own special ingredients into the mix. The result is a charming and joyful collection of songs that will have you head over heels into the New Year, and beyond!

Sweet Roger Shares Glorious New Single “Pay Me”

Pay Me” is the first installment to Sweet Roger’s upcoming follow up record to his debut album, You’ll Always Have Yourself. The track captures the unsettling mood of the times with a defiant performance of raw vocals and growly acoustics driven by a solid rhythm that exultantly powers us forward. 

Sweet Roger finds relevance for folksy themes and imagery in an advanced age where we continue to struggle and search for solace. New single, “Pay Me” is a surly blues and folk song reminiscent of early 20th century outliers who sang in rough and coarse overtones speaking of hardships, travels, and cursed relationships.

Snotty Nose Rez Kids Unveil “Where They At”

Snotty Nose Rez Kids is a Haisla Hip-Hop duo from Kitimat, BC, composed of rappers/producers Yung Trybez & Young D. They opened 2020 with their first EP release, Born Deadly, to promote their first headline US tour. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the tour was postponed to 2021. The pair are currently working on their next full-length album set for release mid-2021.

SNRK are rounding out 2020 with their joint release, “Where They At,” with Drezus, their fourth collaboration as artists. A lot has changed over the years. Both positive and negative, but at the end of the day, Yung Trybez & Young D do their best to keep their heads high & keep moving forward. “Where They At” was inspired by just experiencing life. SNRK is doing alright through all the madness.

John Orpheus Unveils the Bold Single “Electric”

For the past year and a half, multicultural musical artist John Orpheus has been writing his memoir called SAGA BOY which will be published by Penguin Random House Canada in January 2021. To coincide with the book’s release next year, John decided to return to music and release a companion album also entitled SAGA BOY. Both the book and the album are built on the same themes: searching for home, for family, for love, and a fly coat to wear when you get there.

The new single, “Electric,” bridges the gap between John’s previous album, WEY YA CALL DAT TING, and the new full-length SAGA BOY. It’s a song about chemistry – the magic that catches our eye and gets us all in our feels. That spark. With a schoolyard chant disguised as a pop chorus filled with optimism and adoration, a Trini chant to blaze up and raise up and a whimsical rap verse by Michigan rapper/composer Jordan Hamilton, the song crackles with fun.

Netflix’s Rhythm+Flow Breakout Star and Rapper Flawless Real Talk to perform virtual concert TONIGHT on LIVIT

Flawless Real Talk, break away star and first runner up in Netflix’s hit rap reality TV show Hustle + Flow, is bringing Asia’s most popular live-streaming app called LIVIT with over 45 million global users to hip-hop fans with his free live stream concert this TONIGHT!  

“It’s been dope to continue connecting to my fans on a platform that really allows me to grow authentic, real relationships with the community,” says Flawless. “I’m excited to bring live entertainment to a really innovative social media platform. Live streaming is the next big craze to hit America.”

When asked about the new partnership, Flawless said, “Finding a platform that could help me connect with fans around the world while monetizing and giving back to those in need, was the deciding factor for me, and LIVIT was the perfect match. Live streaming is the next big craze to hit America. People want a real connection on social media and users on LIVIT will immediately experience how powerful that connection can be.”

As the largest live streaming platform in Asia, LIVIT is expanding to multiple international markets. LIVIT plans for its North American operation to be a curated space where artists can collaborate, interact directly with fans and grow their careers. No matter who you are, or which corner of the world you reside in, you can connect with anyone through LIVIT’s media platform to showcase your talents and passions and realize your dreams.

Rapper Flawless Real Talk will Perform LIVE on LIVIT Friday, November 13 at 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST 

Will Power Brings Flawless Track “Woven and Shattered”

Will Powers’ new single, “Woven and Shattered,” is carried by a polyrhythmic riff, with lyrics that reflect the sense of seamlessness/continuity between our inner and outer worlds.

Will Powers is the brainchild of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Oli Palkovits. Following his 2017 self-release, Flowers of Atacama, Powers moved to Montreal, where much of the material that would become the Will Powers’ debut EPs was written. Having since moved back to Sudbury, ON, he is currently working on several albums with members of Murder Murder and Tommy and the Commies.