Dark Moon Apache Break Through with “Black Out the Sun”


Dark Moon Apache is a New York based rock band that blends various styles of music which includes grunge, metal, hard rock, and punk. It’s a storm of fast riffs, slow grooves, and melodic ambiance to take you for a ride. Hector Bermejo is on lead vocals and guitars, delivering a complex composition of raw emotion captured with sound, catchy hooks, and his unique ability to adapt to any style.
Christine Christopherson brings a fullness to the music with her intuitive counter melodies, vocal harmonies, and rich driving bass riffs to get you moving. On drums and occasional vocals is Patric Valentine who has been known to fuse an evolving blend of grooving back beats, syncopated polyrhythms, and explosive fills at either fast punk tempos, slow rock steady, or with quiet ambience.
In the end it’s just rock and roll stripped down then reexamined by three musicians who feel a passion for live shows and the drive to build on what inspires them. With a back catalogue of unreleased songs and new tunes always in the works. You can always expect something new from this New York power trio. Live music will never die and Dark Moon Apache is just getting started.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkmoonapache

LISTEN TO “Black Out The Sun” here:  https://soundcloud.com/hector-bermejo/blackout-the-sun

DJ Paimon Shares “The One”


As a producer DJ Paimon’s remixes have consistently been in club and radio rotation both in the US and internationally.  Recently releasing his latest single “The One,” he entices with a noteworthy set of skills that prominently puts him on the map.

As a DJ he has developed prominence in the industry from his 10+ years of professional experience. His expertise as a DJ is sought after by corporate clients such as Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Ann Taylor Loft, and Vans, as well as top venues in major cities including Chicago, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Impressive to say the least….
His unique style and energy influenced a party generation at the University of Iowa –
which is known as the top party school in the nation, year after year, according to
Playboy Magazine.

DJ Paimon began to make a name for himself as a credible producer when he moved to
Los Angeles and collaborated with DJ Tetris (together known as the production duo:
Rumiez) and remixed Enur’s “Calabria,” and Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo” both of which,
became staples in DJ sets and mixes, and have appeared in mixtapes by artists like
Nina Sky and Mike Posner.
Since then Paimon has recently released several remixes on his own, such as his
remixes to Drake’s “Controlla” and Beyonce’s “6 Inch,”" Drake’s “Child’s Play”and Tory Lanez’s “Luv,” which have helped reiterate his talent and legitimacy as an EDM
He is currently working on his debut EDM/Hip Hop album entitled “K.O.T.C.” (King of
The City) and documentary which are slated to be released together in  2017. His
first single off his album “The One” when debuted, was featured as “song of the week”
on popular music blog EDM Nations. We can’t wait to hear more!


Porcelan Unleashes “The Real Thing Don’t Change”


Porcelan just dropped a stunning debut single for Made in Memphis Entertainment “The Real Thing Don’t Change.” The track is a beautiful love ballad filled with endless emotion.

This track was co-written by producer and legendary Hall of Fame Songwriter, David Porter who also penned “Soul Man,” and many more. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Hamilton Hardin.  “The Real Thing Don’t Change” is a romantic ballad that describes the emotional feeling of love and commitment. “It’s about the beauty of a total unified connection in a relationship,” says Porter.  “Cause the real thing/It’s always the real thing/And the real thing don’t change…” Porcelan belts this gorgeous track over an orchestra melody with soul and conviction and her raspy voice Shines.

If you love Jennifer Hudson, this vocalist is for you – she is soulful and deep, and you can feel every word she’s singing. The song is melodic and flows very well, ending softly. We look forward to hearing Porcelan’s full release this fall.

​Stream “The Real Thing Don’t Change” here:

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Laura Rizzotto Shares “Cherry on Top”


Brazilian songstress Laura Rizzotto is currently sharing her new single “Cherry on Top.” Performing since 9 years old in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she had the honor of signing to Universal Music Brazil at the age of 15. With a number of albums already in tow, her new single “Cherry on Top,” is one of her most accessible songs yet.

“Cherry On Top” ​is the second track from her EP, “Ruby”, slated to be released in the Summer of 2017.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/laura-rizzotto/cherry-on-top-master

Space Diaries Soar On New Release

space diaries

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/spacediaries
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spacediaries.band/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpaceDiaries
Website: www.spacediaries.rocks

Space Diaries is a band from Los Angeles founded by Eddie Olguin in 2015 under the original moniker Sunset. In the year previous to this, Eddie had lost hope in the “band experience” (having dealt with the typical scenarios that accompany being in a band in L.A.) and after the disintegration of his last band he found himself navigating through a turbulent period in his life. He took time off and began writing songs that encapsulated the trials and tribulations he was facing.

Once he had composed a batch of songs, that he felt strong about, his desire to create a brotherhood with which he could play live was reborn. He reached out to friend and former bandmate, drummer Marty Witt (Death of a Star), and they embarked on the process of trying to complete the lineup. One year into this process (having gone through an ever changing roster) Eddie was ready to pull the plug as his frustration with L.A. musicians and their lack of commitment/drive resurfaced. Following the departure of the original guitarist, in a last ditch effort and purely for shits and giggles, Eddie posted an ad looking for a guitar player.

In comes Raymond Lacsamana who might as well have fallen from the heavens straight into Eddie’s hands. He was the first person to respond to the ad and Eddie never checked the ad again. Raymond stepped in and, with two weeks notice, helped the band perform a gig to which they were contractually bound. Soon after this show they parted ways with the bass player.

Raymond mentioned to Eddie that one of his idols, bass player Buwi Meneses (from multi-platinum bands Parokya ni Edgar and Franco) had just moved to Los Angeles and may be looking to start or join a project. On pure hope and a prayer Raymond reached out to Buwi and upon hearing some demos Buwi’s interest was piqued. From the first rehearsal, with Buwi, Eddie was convinced that this was the definitive lineup and that the band, since its inception, was finally complete.

They spent the latter half of 2016 working on new material and developing their unique sound (which they describe as Space-wave). In 2017 they headed into the recording studio, with producer Joseph Holiday, and recorded their debut, self-titled, EP.

Sarah Ragsdale Stuns with “This Kiss”

Sarah Ragsdale 'Sassy'.jpg
Sarah Ragsdale’s newest single “The Kiss,” prominently showcases her work as both a songwriter and performer. Kicking off the track with a vibrant piano, Ragsdale’s strong voice enters the scene with a mission in tow. The harmonious vocals accompanies the melodic sound of the keys throughout the track. Subtle strings laced throughout, lead to a choir of soft, angelic voices. A love song for the modern age, “This Kiss,” is filled with beauty, yet fun elements. Ragsdale’s vocal work stands out above the rest as it lures you in within every listen. “This Kiss” is taken from her upcoming album “Whimsical Romance,” that sets the tone for the epic collection of songs. We can’t wait to hear more!