Porcelan Unleashes “The Real Thing Don’t Change”


Porcelan just dropped a stunning debut single for Made in Memphis Entertainment “The Real Thing Don’t Change.” The track is a beautiful love ballad filled with endless emotion.

This track was co-written by producer and legendary Hall of Fame Songwriter, David Porter who also penned “Soul Man,” and many more. Multi-instrumentalist and producer, Hamilton Hardin.  “The Real Thing Don’t Change” is a romantic ballad that describes the emotional feeling of love and commitment. “It’s about the beauty of a total unified connection in a relationship,” says Porter.  “Cause the real thing/It’s always the real thing/And the real thing don’t change…” Porcelan belts this gorgeous track over an orchestra melody with soul and conviction and her raspy voice Shines.

If you love Jennifer Hudson, this vocalist is for you – she is soulful and deep, and you can feel every word she’s singing. The song is melodic and flows very well, ending softly. We look forward to hearing Porcelan’s full release this fall.

​Stream “The Real Thing Don’t Change” here:

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