Dark Moon Apache Break Through with “Black Out the Sun”


Dark Moon Apache is a New York based rock band that blends various styles of music which includes grunge, metal, hard rock, and punk. It’s a storm of fast riffs, slow grooves, and melodic ambiance to take you for a ride. Hector Bermejo is on lead vocals and guitars, delivering a complex composition of raw emotion captured with sound, catchy hooks, and his unique ability to adapt to any style.
Christine Christopherson brings a fullness to the music with her intuitive counter melodies, vocal harmonies, and rich driving bass riffs to get you moving. On drums and occasional vocals is Patric Valentine who has been known to fuse an evolving blend of grooving back beats, syncopated polyrhythms, and explosive fills at either fast punk tempos, slow rock steady, or with quiet ambience.
In the end it’s just rock and roll stripped down then reexamined by three musicians who feel a passion for live shows and the drive to build on what inspires them. With a back catalogue of unreleased songs and new tunes always in the works. You can always expect something new from this New York power trio. Live music will never die and Dark Moon Apache is just getting started.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkmoonapache

LISTEN TO “Black Out The Sun” here:  https://soundcloud.com/hector-bermejo/blackout-the-sun

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