Perla Nalu’s Debuts Heartfelt Song “Twilight Sleep”

Perla Nalu’s debut song “Twilight Sleep” is a haunting indie track you won’t want to miss. Filled with beautiful cries and angelic vocals, this song shivers down your spine. You will be enraptured by the melodies and harmonic creativity intertwined through the deep and emotional track. As timeless as the famed band Enya, Perla Nalu spins her instant-hit vocals into an audio experience impossible to forget. A dark lullaby, “Twilight Sleep” will haunt your mind rent free. 

With vocals meant to grace the title track of mega-blockbuster movies, Perla Nalu is the rising star of the music industry. Unquestionably gorgeous, her voice is like a siren calling out into the night. Masterful is the only way to describe her unique trademark sound. A voice like this is found in only every few decades, and as you listen to “Twilight Sleep” you will find yourself wanting to keep hearing more – not wanting the beautiful song to end. As good as the vocals are, there is no surprise that the lyrics tell just as much as a moving and touching story. A lovely, moody, and heartbreaking tale that can only be done justice in the way Perla Nalu sings it. With musical talents and wordsmith skills such as these, there is no question that “Twilight Sleep” is the first of many hits for this up and coming artist. In fact there seems to be no up and coming to it, rather that Perla Nalu entered the music industry, looked at it’s throne, and said “I’ll take that back now”. 

Beautiful, haunting, and entirely enrapturing, Perla Nalu has unmatched vocals that are going to take the world by storm. This rising star’s debut track, “Twilight Sleep” is pure proof that she will soar far on the wings of her angelic voice. Keep your eyes on this new artist, she’s going places you will not want to miss. 


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