Hot Hot Heat @ Public Assembly – Brooklyn, NY – May 19, 2010

Hot Hot Heat never seem to cool down….as a band that is. The indie synth dance punk pioneers have been taking the stage every Wednesday night this month at Public Assembly in Brooklyn to sold out crowds of eager fans. Catching the band on the third show of their residency in this charming little neighborhood, HHH sure knows how to put on a show.

Oddly enough I have never seen the band live though I’ve been a fan since Make Up the Breakdown (SubPop) was released in 2003. This was about three record labels ago and a slight change in lineup. One thing is for certain though, the band hasn’t lost the energy that makes them a great group to begin with.

Hot Hot Heat will release their newest record Future Breeds (Dangerbird) on June 8th, and from the sound of it, the guys somehow managed to top their previous efforts.  My personal favorite new song of the night was the first singlem “20 @ 12,” which was about them being with a friends of their’s who was turning 21 and midnight. This is only a tastes of what Future Breeds have to offer.

I must admit that I went into the show thinking that only new songs would be played. I was mistaking. Though several new tracks were played, they were blended perfectly with our old favorites. Songs like “Naked in the City Again” and “Bandages,” brought back college memories of listening to the band while studying. The guys are not old by any means as they are only in their early 30’s, but it seems like they have been around forever.

This shows especially on the stage as they are old pros at the game of charming an audience. Frontman Steve Bays rocks his keyboard stand back and fourth on an angle, while playing mind you! He doesn’t miss even the slightest note. Heading directly into the face of the crowd several times, you can tell the fans were really eating it up in this most intimate venue. You can see that Hot Hot Heat was eating it up as well. There was plenty of dancing going on in the place and everyone, and I mean everyone, was having a blast and singing along to the classics, hoping to soon learn the new ones.

The group did a short encore as Bays came out saying “I think we’re running out of time,” which was the perfect cue for them to play “Running Out of Time.” To make a perfect ending of the night the band ended the set with “Goodnight Goodnight,” which couldn’t have been any better. We didn’t want them to go, but we all know there is one more night we can relive it in New York.

Hot Hot Heat plays the last night of their Public Assembly residency tonight, Wednesday, May 26th, before heading to play a month in Los Angeles in June. My word of advice to L.A. residents, is to get your tickets while you can, because these shows are selling quick, and it is truly an amazing experience.

Hot Hot Heat are on fire!

Check back to Modern Mystery in the next few days for our exclusive interview with the band!

Look at More Pictures from the Show HERE

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Blitzen Trapper ‘God and Suicide’

I  may be a little late to the Blitzen Trapper bandwagon, but hey, at least i’m on it. ‘Furr’ , the band’s first release for Sub Pop blends 70’s rock and roll soul with an acoustic vibe, and somehow reminds me of a more upbeat Simon and Garfunkel. Comparing them to Fleet Foxes wouldn’t be difficult either. The two bands are made to go together it seems. Though they can be easily compared at times, Blitzen Trapper truly has a voice and sound of their own.  One of my favorite tracks off the new record is titled ‘God and Suicide’. Singer Eric Earley’s vocals are beautifully smooth on this surprisingly upbeat song.  Its easy to become addicted to Blitzen Trapper. Trust me.

Watch Blitzen Trapper Perform ‘God and Suicide’ Live in Oregon

Video from sosocceror

Check out Blitzen Trapper on Myspace

Fleet Foxes on SNL, January 17th

To our surprise over the weekend,  Sub Pop announced that Seattle’s own Fleet Foxes will be appearing on the Saturday, January 17th episode of Saturday Night Live.

This is surely some very exciting news. Fleet Foxes are definatly making waves with their self titled debut and for them to be on SNL is a big step in their career. The band will be performing ‘Mykonos’ and ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’, two stellar tracks.  I can’t wait to see the band perform. I think it will bring in a lot of new listeners, not like they need them.

Check out the newest Fleet Foxes video ‘He Doesn’t Know Why’