Ratatat Releases Video for “Party With Children”….Kind Of.

Everyone’s favorite Electo Rock duo is back. That’s right. Ratatat. The guys are set to release their new album, LP4 (XL Recordings) on June 8th, and have just put out what they are calling a ‘teaser video’ for the video of the first single “Party With Children.”

Why the guys are doing such a thing, well, we’re not sure. It’s Ratatat though so everything is pretty much fair game. The video features a white bird in front of a green screen as the track plays. Actually, the bird is on the cover of the new record. We don’t know his name but he’s destined to be a star. The video may not make any sense, but have fun listening to the new song. It’s stellar.

Ratatat – Party With Children by modernmysteryblog

Watch Free Energy Perform Live on a Rooftop!

You may have been too busy at work or with a school project last night, but indie sensations Free Energy were working on something of their own. The band performed on a NYC rooftop during rush hour at 6pm to a handful of fans, and a worldwide internet crowd who got to make live comments as the band was performing.

Free Energy played a whole set, and don’t be sad if you missed it. You can very well stream the performance from yesterday! This way you’ll be able to watch over and over again. It it us or do they remind you a little bit of mid career Phantom Planet? That’s a compliment. The band will also be premiering their new video for the song “Bang Pop” on Myspace, first thing Monday morning.


Watch live streaming video from freeenergymusic at livestream.com

Get your Free Energy fix this spring and summer as the band plans on stopping every place possible. More tour dates to be added to this already successful stint. And yes! Our Miniature Tigers are heading on the road with them.

Free Energy Tour Dates
Fri 05/14 – Library Quad at Bates College Lewiston ME
Wed 05/26 – The Middle East Cafe Cambridge MA *
Thu 05/27 – The Space Hamden CT *
Fri 05/28 – First Unitarian Church Philadelphia PA *
Sat 05/29 – Bowery Ballroom New York NY *
Sun 05/30 – Rock and Roll Hotel Washington DC Miniature Tigers
Tue 06/01 – Local 506 Chapel Hill NC *
Wed 06/02 – Snug Harbor Charlotte NC *
Fri 06/04 – Jack Rabbits Jacksonville FL +
Tue 06/08 – Bottletree Cafe Birmingham AL +
Wed 06/09 – Exit In Nashville TN +
Thu 06/10 – The Bishop Bloomington IN +
Fri 06/11 – The Club at Water Street Music Hall Rochester NY +
Sat 07/17 – Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago IL
Fri 07/23 – Seaport Music Festival New York, NY w/ Best Coast
* w/ Jukebox The Ghost, Miniature Tigers
+ w/ Jukebox The Ghost, Drink Up Buttercup
& Daytrotter.com presents… Barnstormer III w/ Delta Spirit, Ra Ra Riot, Nathaniel Rateliff, Pearly Gate Music

Free Energy – “Bang Pop” by modernmysteryblog

Javelin Mixes Things Up with “No Mas”

Javelin has been a band I’ve been following up on for a while now. They have always made amazing chill beats (I hate that I just used the word chill but it’s true) that I can pretty much throw on at anytime of the day. They’re usually lyric-less, and I feel that they provide the best background noise in the vein of J Dilla’s Donuts or pretty much any Thievery Corporation/ Air etc.

Seeing these guys live took it to a whole new level for me. I never
thought two white boys from Rhode Island could grove so good*. Melissa and I got to check them out at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory to a crowd of 2+ people. It was like at 12pm on a Friday during CMJ. Needless to say they still were full of energy, accompanied by 2 high stacks of boom boxes instead of amps, and a drum pad. It was pretty ridiculous when they started asking the four people there for request.

Still an amazing set. I was entertained.

As for the new album, No Mas (Luaka Bop) it is amazing. Well maybe it’s just something I’m buzzing on right now, but I think it may blow up pretty big. I couldn’t put it in a genre. Some songs (like intervales Theme) could have been a bonus track on Donuts. I mean these guys heavily sample, and may be just
as big record bin nerds as he was (rest in peace). The song “Dep”
reminds me of a funkier (cooler) MGMT track.There is a Russian pop song on here called “Moscow 1980”, and a Go Team- esque song that feature some phenomenal whistling called “Tell Me, What Will it Be?”.

The single off the album seems to be “Oh Centra,” which I think I prefer live. It does however feature hilarious helium vocals on the album, and is about Kangaroos I think.

That’s another spectacular thing about this album, the vocals. Although not overly complicated, certain song vocals have a very haunting sound to them. The fit perfectly, and I am super psyched that they started to create deeper, more dimensional songs then the early tracks we heard off the album like “Vibrationz” which is still a very good song. Songs I recommend, other than all of them, are “Off My Mind”, “We Ah Wi”, and “On It On It”. The latter which I predict will be heavily sampled in da’ clubs.


Javelin- Oh! Centra by modernmysteryblog

Interview: Patrick Park is The Lucky One

Yesterday afternoon, I had the chance to talk to the legendary singer/songwriter Patrick Park. Just fresh from releasing his newest record, Come What Will (Badman), and in between a few show dates, Park, residing in his California home, was nice enough to answer some questions that have been in my mind for a few years. Since his release of Loneliness Knows My Name (Hollywood), I’ve been intrigued by his amazing voice and even more brilliant songs.

Modern Mystery: What inspires you to write a song? What do you love the most about the songwriting process?

Patrick Park: What inspires me changes you know? But I guess a lot of my songs end up being just about, kind of, basically, a lot about diversity that everyone is kind of facing as a part of life. Just getting through that and dealing with that. I guess about writing songs, I don’t know, it’s just something I’m always doing. I love it all. The best part of the process is when I’m finished with the song. There are the songs that are around for months and it takes me a while to finish and there are other songs that happen really fast. I tend to like those better. The ones that take longer, lead the most.

MM: You just released your new record, Come What Will (Badman). How do you think it differs from your previous records?

Park: It differs in tone a bit, to me. It sounds a lot more organic and natural. The songs were recorded when they were much fresher on this record. A lot of times you end up recording songs and some time after you have them done, it’s years or something. Any time you have it away from that initial genesis. So for this record the songs are brand new. The songs that were recorded were in some cases written the same day.

MM: You have worked with Dave Trumfio as a producer on a few of your records, as well as the new one. What kind of artist-producer relationship do you have. How well do you work with each other?

Park: We’ve worked together a lot over the years and he’s become a really good friend. He never feels the need to exploit himself as the producer. It’s just a good partnership. On this record there is definetly times where he was like “here’s the keys to the studio, I’m going away for a week.” Which is great because I’m used to recording things at home at my own. It’s nice to have that trust and mutual respect. Some people butt heads and insert themselves in the project different ways but it’s not about that.

MM:What made you decide to release the new record on Badman Recordings, the label that released the Under the Undermining Skies EP in 2003?

Park: That was such a positive experience working with Dylan from Badman. He’s a great guy and someone easy to work with. I wanted to work with him again and this record was the perfect opportunity. He’s a genuine guy and easy to work with.

MM:You grew up in Colorado. How did you get interested in music? Was there a music scene there growing up?

Park: In a little town called Morrison, an hour West of Denver. We had foothills, but they’re called mountains everywhere else. We spent a lot of time outside. We weren’t allowed in the house until after dark in the summer. The scene has gotten a lot better since I left. When I was growing up there was definetly a scene but it wasn’t super cohesive, and there wasn’t a ton of places to play. There was a lot of warehouse sort of shows and stuff like that. Since I left it’s really blown up. There’s some really great places for music. I missed all of that. I was always interested in music. My dad played growing up, and being able to pick up a guitar and bang away, I started to learn and figure stuff out when I was at 7. I was immediately attracted to it. I was also listening to music constantly and absorbing what I could. As long as I could think back it’s where I wanted to be. It’s always been an obsession.

MM: How long did it take you to write and record the new record?

Park: You know, I don’t really know. I kind of recorded it off and on. I would write a song, and record it, and write a song and then record it. I tend to work quickly in the studio and stay there all times of the day and night and record. Things usually come together in a day or two for each song. It took about 2 or 3 weeks for recording in different chunks.

MM: You have a very unique, very beautiful voice. Is singing something that has always come natural to you?

Park: I think that it’s something I’ve gotten better at throughout the years. Growing up and playing in band I usually played guitars. At 14 or 15 I started singing. I found that I could sing but I had to figure out what my voice really is and how to use it just like any instrument. It takes a while to tweak it a little bit. It was a trial and error sort of thing. I’m no screamer. Singing in a punk rock band wouldn’t happen too often.

MM: What is your favorite part about being on tour?

Park: Touring for me…I’ve done a lot of touring by myself. Which is really great and really hard. When you’re by yourself for 6 weeks you start to get a little stir crazy. It’s weird. I start to feel like I’ve been gone long enough when relationships back home become miscommunications all of a sudden. On the upside, it’s sort of like a retreat in a weird sort of way because I’m by myself. Seeing how my own mind works when I’m just left to my own devices completely. You get to see how your mind works. You meet a lot of amazing people, and hear interesting stories and situations that arise. I like touring but it’s the weeks before the tour I have all this anxiety about it. Then I get on the road and everything’s fine. Then when I get back I get the same anxiety.

MM: What musicians inspired you to start playing music?

Park: I don’t know. It’s hard to pinpoint anyone. I grew up listening to a lot of old folk and blues stuff that my dad was listening to around the house. Mississippi John Hurt, Sonny Terry and Brownie Maggie, Mississippi Fred McDowell, stuff like that. Then punk rock and shoegazer things. It’s hard for me to pinpoint anything in particular, I was fascinated by all music and how one song can go so many different directions and so many different places. All the possibilities in that.

MM: What is your favorite track off the new album and why?

Park: I like them all for different reasons. I’m really happy with “The Lucky Ones,” but if you ask me tomorrow it will probably be different. I like how they came out lyrically and musically on the record.

MM: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing for a living?
Park: I don’t know! I would probably be a trapeze artist :laughs: I have no idea. Hopefully I’ll never have to figure that out in my life!

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Album Teaser

Missouri’s finest indie band (and our favorite!!), Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, are gearing up to release their third album on Polyvinyl Records. Yesterday morning the band posted a teaser Youtube video that gives you a little taste of the upcoming, yet untitled record. Due out in August, the guys have branched out this time by having Death Cab for Cutie guitarist, Chris Walla along with Beau Sorenson, record and produce the album. Taking place over the past few months, SSLYBY worked on the piece at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. The teaser shows footage from the studio and the album process in general. Watch out at around 40 seconds for Phil Dickey’s crazy air drum solo.

Check back shortly for more news on Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltin’s new album, as well as tour dates!

SSLYBY Album Teaser

Carlos D Quits Interpol

Carlos D a.k.a. Carlos Dengler from the infamous New York based band, Interpol, has recently announced that he is no longer a part of the group. The news came when Interpol put an official letter on their site stating his departure.

Prepping their new album that is due out this year and is considered to be a return to the darkness of Turn on the Bright Lights (Matador), Carlos D was a part of making the record and has left to pursue other goals and projects. Though the band states there was no hard feelings in between them and Dengler, he will certainly be missed as a powerful performer and figure in Interpol. The group states that there will be bringing some “exciting new recruits,” into the mix.

The new, yet untitled record, was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. Stay tuned for they will also be revealing summer tour dates soon.

Carlos D, you’ll be missed!

Enjoy Interpol’s “Next Exit.” How appropiate?

Interpol – “Next Exit” by modernmysteryblog