Check Out the New Video From Ratatat! “Neckbrace”

Ratatat is at it again with the freaky bird invading the video. Take a peak at the newest one the duo has to offer up this week for “Neckbrace.” It’s weird…yet we can’t seem to look away.

Ratatat Releases Video for “Party With Children”….Kind Of.

Everyone’s favorite Electo Rock duo is back. That’s right. Ratatat. The guys are set to release their new album, LP4 (XL Recordings) on June 8th, and have just put out what they are calling a ‘teaser video’ for the video of the first single “Party With Children.”

Why the guys are doing such a thing, well, we’re not sure. It’s Ratatat though so everything is pretty much fair game. The video features a white bird in front of a green screen as the track plays. Actually, the bird is on the cover of the new record. We don’t know his name but he’s destined to be a star. The video may not make any sense, but have fun listening to the new song. It’s stellar.

Ratatat – Party With Children by modernmysteryblog