Check Out the New Video From Ratatat! “Neckbrace”

Ratatat is at it again with the freaky bird invading the video. Take a peak at the newest one the duo has to offer up this week for “Neckbrace.” It’s weird…yet we can’t seem to look away.

Hyetal Reworks Ratatat’s “Neckbrace”

Get ready to break yo neck.  Well, not really, it just feels like the right thing to say when confronted with a Hyetal Remix of Ratatat’s “Neckbrace” off LP4.  The track has everything you’ve come to know and expect from a remix: glitchy-ness, odd sounds, and an overall taste of another artist reinterpreting an original style by blending in some of their own.

Hyetal mostly abandons the scat found in the original song, but utilizes the bubbly, croaking sounds that occupy the furthermost corners of your head room.  Interestingly enough, the original track didn’t incorporate much of Ratatat’s signature whining electro-guitar sound, but Hyetal throws it in probably out of respect for his source of inspiration. 

The track decelerates to lay room for a build up, and the hotel elevator muzak that brings you back to the beat collects everything for a head-bobbing, albeit not neck-breaking, finish.  Listen up below.

Ratatat – “Neckbrace (Hyetal Remix)” by azabalegui