Video Voyager: The Impliers’ “Lightning”

The Impliers are the psychedelic rock duo making waves with their oddly tuned guitars, superb production quality, and innovative musical techniques. Dan and Charles have known each other since High School, though they recently got together to create The Impliers when their lives seemed to mirror each others. It was fate.

Their recent music video is for their single “Lighting.” The song is seemingly about mental health and it’s effect on people. They perfectly and masterfully visualize what it’s like to suffer from a mental illness, stuck in a depressive state and suddenly, as if struck by lighting, you are in another place mentally. The use of quick shots and flashing lights aid this idea and show how fast things can change. They interchange the fast with the slow with a lot of shots that represent stillness, but stillness in a way that captures the inability to move.

We spoke with The Impliers about their innovate and powerful video:

1. Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically in this way?

There’s a bipolar sense to what’s going on in this song, lyrically and in how the parts dramatically change in moods and range of feeling. I had always thought bipolar was someone who rapidly changed their mind or moods and was hot and cold, but it’s more of an exaggerated version of what everyone tends to go through – which is a longer arc of being down and then coming out. It was so interesting to learn that bursts of creative energy and motivation that most of us feel can actually be a symptom of bipolar, the mania specifically – that had never occurred to me that the higher highs were one of the poles. Charles and I have both experienced this through our own diagnosis as adults. I think this song shows some of that bipolar thinking in seeing different perspectives, with bursts of energy and some subdued elements while showing forward progress in diving within – it really compliments the broader story we explore on our record ‘cocoon coming out on August 19’ as it rounds out the first part of the record before there’s a change in atmosphere. The visuals really try to exaggerate these emotions.

2. What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

We initially decided that we would not have any music videos for this album, as we felt the music and the experience that happens in the minds of the listener is the most important experience of the music, and we didn’t want to interfere with that, but one day the image came of the man in the bed that opens the video, and the rest of the video came like a string of pearls. There is an interesting duality that is explored both in the settings, ranging from the closed, dull inside scenes to the expansive colorful external scenes, but there’s an additional layer that shows a crossover of elements between the two landscapes and a hint of further duality in each of the individuals own consciousness. 

3. What was the process of making this video?

Well, from a technical execution standpoint, we handle our own filming, editing and everything from ideation to completion. Charles and I always vet ideas together, and that ranges from bouncing a full idea off one another to coming up with the idea together from scratch and riffing. And sometimes, we will get our hands on one another’s idea and try to send it back in the most surprising fashion. Lightning was an interesting approach in that I filmed a few scenes to understand Charles’ reaction and when we realized we were on to something and worked out more of the ideas, we booked time to film and I put together a few ideas that I wanted to film without giving context as to what was happening. When we started filming in the woods, Charles had a post-it note of hand-gestures which he executed on flawlessly. The beauty of our working relationship, is throughout the entire process, with the post-it notes,  while we were exchanging uniforms consistently throughout the day as we relocated filming locations, there was never the question of “what are we filming” and the complete trust that our ages old creative collaborative process would come through in the end, in a way that worked for both of us. One funny moment, though – my brother Bryan flew in to help operate our film gear that weekend and on the first night we filmed a scene with the foot and the man under the bed. He called our brother Sean that night and said “I landed, and next thing you know I was being filmed sitting on the bed with a gel dripping off my bare foot, while a grown man dressed in a white suit laid under the bed.”

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Brittaney Delsarte Chatman Empowers in “Talk To Me” Video

Almost 3 months ago, Brittaney Delsarte Chatman, a modern day millennial renaissance woman, released the music video for her R&B single “Talk To Me.” The song is about relationships and setting boundaries and expectations for them. Brittaney sings about how women especially shrink themselves or dishonor themselves within some relationships. This song is for them, a reminder that you don’t need to lose who you are to be with someone.

The video was released in March, though Brittaney had a set back. “I was a victim of a cyber security attack,” she shares. “The hack compromised my marketable IG content for my music and my brand with deleted followers, highlights, and posts. This put my video campaign to a full halt. You know what they say chile- New levels, New Devils. But, as I always say- any setback is just a setup for a comeback! I built my platform from the ground up and I can get it back to where it was and perhaps surpass where I was.”

The “Talk To Me” video starts with a monologue from Brittaney talking about how sick and tired she is of all this relationship stuff, that all men are the same at their core. She reveals a contract in the video and presents it with strength and gives a sense of empowerment for her listeners/viewers. She knows what she wants, and implies that other women know what they want, and asks for it up front. If the contract and conditions don’t work for you, then back out now.

“I wrote this song and created this video to empower my Blossom cousins to keep the faith in finding true love and stay true to their values and core beliefs and to make that known to the next person that comes into their lives,” she shares.

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John Greska’s “Mamma Maybe” is an Intricate Story Inspired through History

John Greska has been intrigued by music since the second grade when he, like so many others, started playing piano. Since then, music has been a constant, from playing in the school bands to experimenting with Musecore. The young artist has never stopped chasing his dream of being a singer/songwriter and his latest single, “Mamma Maybe,” proves he’s got what it takes.

“Mamma Maybe” is an alternative folk and folktronica song that goes through a story of a fictional mother and son. He was inspired by the recent events in world history, at least since World War two. He became interested in Japanese history when he started learning the language and he realized that he doesn’t know anything about their history outside of the American point of view during the war. He thought about the people that grew up during that time and thought about what they would think about the world as it is today.

He takes the theme of change and allows us to grasp it. He recognizes and acknowledges that change is the key to becoming better humans, so that we don’t repeat history. As time goes on, ideas evolve with it and that can sometimes be hard for people to accept.

“The writing process was surprisingly difficult,” shares John. “Taking out the fact that I was trying to write about something extremely intricate and not really song-like, the actual music was super tricky. There were certain parts that had to sound happy and certain parts that had to sound ominous and the ending was rewritten three times. The ending of the song was the hardest part to find, because how do you end a story like this?”

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The Lyric Video of Michael Gutierrez-May’s Folk Single, “Imaginary Tomato,” is Wonderfully Stylized

The rising indie folk singer/songwriter, Michael Gutierrez-May, has been working to help the underground folk music scene for almost 30 years. While he’s promoted shows, booked coffeehouses, and supported underground artists, unfortunately, he didn’t do enough to support his own songwriting endeavors. But in 2009, he decided enough was enough and started focusing on his music.

He just debuted his lyric video for his much loved song “Imaginary Tomato” from his latest album, Drifting to the Right. The song has a Bruce Springsteen style in both Michael’s vocals and guitar style, but there’s also a hint of Johnny Cash in the style and storytelling. Michael utilizes his background as a mental health therepist to inform his songwriting, especially “Imaginary Tomato.”

“‘Imaginary Tomato’ is a fun video created by Kat Reinhert about political ranting on the home front,” says Michael. He takes on his own frustrations on the political standing of the United States and his anger towards the former President. The lyric video is quite animated. The lyrics are guided by a tomato, but the tomato is telling the story to the viewer. It dances around the screen, guiding your eyes to the words and direction the words go. It’s the most telling lyric video I’ve ever seen.

Watch here:

The song is “inspired by current events with the added thought not to take oneself too seriously,” shares Michael. “This song came quickly, not long after the tomato idea emerged from my subconscious. The message of the song is to embrace tolerance and openness, keep hope alive and also not to be afraid of throwing tomatoes at repressive authorities.”

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This Video Will Not Be Eclipsed Behind Anything!

Annapurna “AP” Tobler is a multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, and songwriter based in San Jose, CA. Often described as a “grunge poet,” AP writes music with heavy riffs and complex themes, holding mental health topics as vital influences in their songwriting. AP aims to share their experiences with anxiety and depression by crafting songs rooted in grunge and alternative rock, with hopes that these thematic elements will speak to listeners who are going through similar experiences. 

In their music video for new single, “Eclipse,” it showcases their talent and is reminiscent of how old music videos in the days of MTV were made and we are here for it! The vintage grunge rock music accompanies the Smashing Pumpkins-esque music video and really welds the both together. It highlights the importance of mental health especially being someone with anxiety and depression. AP is not only authentically genuine, but they are also relatable. 

They state that, “The video for Eclipse was filmed as a family project. It is directed and filmed by my dad while my mom and brother assist with video artwork, concepts, and filming locations. Eclipse is about the struggle of not being able to let go of past trauma. The song explores deep, often distracting, feelings and we used disorienting and warping imagery to represent the struggle to gain clarity. Images of Blunt Force (B-side) are blended into the video to tie the stories together. The core imagery is based off the album cover and was shot close to my home in San Jose, CA. The video is more artistic and abstract and I hope it conveys a deeper meaning to the song.”

Watch “Eclipse” here:

AP’s musical journey began with the discovery of drums at the age of 8. They explored the sounds and composition of grunge, hard rock, metal, and jazz through their studies, adding guitar and bass to their instrument studies in the years that followed. AP has been gigging regularly since a young age, performing at high profile music events such as PASIC, Sweetwater Gearfest, and touring with the School of Rock AllStars. They drum professionally for local bands, and with the dynamic Street Drum Corps. Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer are all significant influences and their versatility as a multi-instrumentalist has allowed them to compose and perform all tracks for their songs.

We look forward to hearing, and seeing, more from this multitalented artist! 

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The Video for AP Tobler’s “Blunt Force” Encapsulates the Meaning of the Single

Post-punk, alternative rock star, AP Tobler, just released their latest official music for their recent hit, Blunt Force. This video perfectly encapsulates the hurt and anger portrayed in the song, with a strong narrative, and pleasing visuals. 

Tobler states that this video was a family affair, as the video itself was directed and filmed by their father, as well as their mother and brother working on graphics, concept, and securing location sites. This video hints at this nostalgia of losing a close friend at an early age, with shots from a childhood bedroom. There is no doubt this video will hit close to home upon giving it a watch. 

Tobler describes the video as “the story of a close friend suddenly ending our friendship without warning. The video depicts me aggressively releasing the anger and hurt associated with this traumatic event.” It is clear through this new video that the visuals seamlessly connect with the themes of this track. 

With influences such as Nirvana, Green Day, and Weezer, there is no doubt this new video will not leave banging your head in awe of AP Tobler’s honesty, and rawness throughout.

Watch “Blunt Force” here:

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