Pale Blue Dote Shares Stunning Record “Anatomy”


Pale Blue Dot is quickly becoming one of our favorite new discoveries. The group who has recently released their new record “Anatomy,” comes alive with a vibrant nature, filled to the brim with grunge hooks and rock and roll goodness. This album will take you to places you didn’t even know you could go. The notes flow perfectly together on the record and really take you away into a whole different world. It’s raw, and honest, just like rock and roll should be.


Taking pages out of the books of artists such as Foo Fighters and Cold Play, the group entices within every listen. Each song on the record is an absolute hit as they stand out on their own. Favorite tracks of mine include pieces such as “Dust and Light,” and “Canyons,” which bring the essence of the band to life. Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, the group shows no sign of slowing down..and we like it. Dive into the record via Spotify below.

Listen  via Spotify.

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