Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz Release Unforgettable Album

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Modern Mystery favorite Eric Anders is back at it again. The noteworthy musician teams up this time around with Mark O’Bitz, to release a stunning debut album together, “Of All These Things.”

Together the duo have been longtime collaborators, but this is our first glimpse as a 50-50 team. The record is filled with hits from start to finish. Hailing from California, the group released the album at the beginning of the Summer, and show no sign of slowing down.

The second full length for Anders, the combination of their stunning instrumentation really brings everything full circle. It’s a little bit folk, a little bit indie and a little bit of heaven.

On the album I instantly fell in love with songs such as “New Life,” and the enticing “High to Low.” The vocals are strong as hell with lyricism that tells a story within each piece.

Bound to be one of the standout records of 2018, Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz have outdone themselves once again.

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“Of All These Things”
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Video Voyeur: 3Qs with Keeana Kee


Keeana Kee has been heating up the Summer with her gracious new single and video for “You’re Real.” The video like the song itself is hot from start to finish, bringing to the table a fresh new look at the pop-laced artist. A series of singles that have graced our ears from Keeana this year she brings a modern approach to the genre which has our hips shaking. We caught up with Keeana Kee for an exclusive edition of Video Voyeur which you can catch up with below.


Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

“You’re Real” is full of LOVE and PASSION and I had a vision of exactly how I would like to present it to the world so people can better understand and feel the mood and the concept of the song. I’m so pleased with the results we got. There’s a life story behind the lyrics of the song “You’re Real”. When you fall in love with the person that loves you back, respects and cares for you it might start to feel too good to be truth and you seeking to reassure yourself that the person is real and not just some mythological character made up in your mind.


What was the inspiration for this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?


I was riding in the car with my friend – an amazing film director Edgar A. Marrera who then directed and produced “You’re Real” music video, in a country side of Los Angeles fantasizing of the idea for the video and it was just flowing. I remember previously thinking of having images of some characters dissolving in each other as a hologram, so from there we came up with the final idea for the video. It holds the mystery until the end where viewer realizes that all the characters in my video were not my girlfriend. All of them were different people working in different places but I have seen her in them. I’ve just missed my loved one so much and being drunk on love made me see her in each and every person I meet along the way.


What was the process of making this video?
The video was shot from dawn to dusk. All day in a various locations in Los Angeles with the incredibly talented filming crew and all beautiful actors that were playing other characters. My long awaited girlfriend was played by Jordan Paige. (IG @jpbambam)
Our first location was at the Car Service where I arrive with the flat tire on my stunning red Mustang and see my girlfriend as a mechanic that comes out to greet me. At the end it was played by super talented painter Suren Nersisyan (IG @snersisyan )
Then I walk into the office to get some water and see my gf in a sweet geeky receptionist.The role was played by an amazing actor and TV host William Valdes ( IG @williamvaldes)
Then I go to have lunch at a near-by cafe @torrogrillhouse while my car gets fixed, I get served by a lovely waitress (actress Angelica Castro @angiecastrola) but at first I also see my girlfriend instead. The scene was followed by a motel scene where my girlfriend surprises me with her appearance.
It was in all ways an incredibly hot day. Everyone was left happy and excited. I kindly thank everyone who has been a part of this project.


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Video Voyeur: 3Qs with Molly Kruse

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Songstress Molly Kruse is back for another round in our Video Voyeur series! The eclectic artist who has recently unveiled her new video for “Come Back to Me,” takes us behind the scenes of the inspiration and influence that went into crafting both the song and video. An artist that will stand the test of time, we are intrigued by her noteworthy sound and vision. We caught up with Kruse to get the inside scoop of the video which you will find below.

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

Thanks so much for featuring my video! In 2014, I was briefly dating someone, and about a month after the relationship had fizzled out, I had a dream about him. Upon waking, I was filled to the brim with unbridled joy that I felt compelled to write “Come Back to Me”! I’d been playing around with this lilting, soulful piano melody for a week prior to the song’s conception – inspired by looping loads of Marvin Gaye tracks and “Am I The Same Girl?” by Barbara Acklin, specifically – which I then paired with lyrics that I worked on over the next couple of days. Because I felt such joy, the song easily flowed out of me onto paper.

I chose to visualize this song specifically because it felt so natural to do so! Even when I was writing “Come Back to Me”, images of how I wanted the eventual music video to look came to me pretty instantly; 1960’s California beach culture, a classic car, Southern California sunsets, a retro aesthetic and coloring, and hair flowing in the wind were elements that popped into my mind.

What was the inspiration behind this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

Because the song is a joyful, retro, Motown/soul throwback, I wanted to encapsulate that genre and era but still keep it contemporary and modern. I knew pretty quickly that a classic car would feature pretty prominently in the video, likely from the 1950’s or 1960’s. Other elements that I wanted to include were beautiful, vibrant retro coloring, a Southern California beach (and lots of playing around in the sun and sand!), and vintage clothing from a bygone era. Also, because I felt such elation when writing the song, it was essential to me that the audience experience that joy when watching the video; I thought filming in Malibu and driving an amazing, old convertible, all while performing this song that’s so dear to my heart would help to encapsulate that.

What was the process of making this video?

The process of making “Come Back to Me” took longer than my previous video, “Ruby” – which you can watch here: – because there were more elements to finesse in emulating that 1960’s California beach vibe – namely, finding the perfect classic car and wardrobe pieces and picking a day when it wasn’t raining to shoot! The director, Erin Lunsford, the producer, Tim Deters, and I sat down over numerous sessions, phone calls, and emails and meticulously coordinated all the props, location details, and various other elements. We had to delay the shoot for a couple of weekends because of extremely rainy, March weather, but when we finally set a date to film, we were able to get such amazing shots in the LA sunshine. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and thank you so much for featuring it!

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Monad Shares “Turning Wheels”

Monad, Eshchar Nachmany’s musical project started in an isolated house in the Moshav, a small town in his native Israel, in an avocado grove by the sea.


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With a lot of time to himself Nachmany started to build a studio from scratch. Initially, he set out to make music with little to no knowledge of recording and producing techniques and knowing very little about audio equipment. He acquired some old broken tape machines and synths and more out of curiosity than anything, he was able to bring them back to life and turn them into a vital part of an innovative puzzle. Through trial and experimentation Monad’s sound was shaped and constructed from layers of hazy daydreams, creating a surrealistic atmosphere that he would get lost in.

MONAD’s musical influences come from different but not conflicting worlds with electronic influences from Flying Lotus and some Gil Scott Heron thrown in for good measure, he produces a kaleidoscope of Retro-Futurism.

‘Turning Wheels’ is taken from Monad’s debut EP which is set to be released this Summer, it was recorded, produced and mixed by Nachmany with a little help from his friends, the EP deals with a change in mind and music, influenced by personal events and special experiences.

During a visit to Primavera Sound Festival in Spain, Nachmany met British Dream Pop duo AR Kane, after an adventurous night he was invited to their performance which exposed him to Shoegaze and Dream Pop which then went on to deeply influence his sound.

As a touring act, Nachmany plays alongside Ittamar Erb (Drums), Daniel Spitzer (Bass), Shay Zagreba (Guitars) and Yuval Geva (Keyboard and Samples).

Video Voyeur: 3Qs with Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart

Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart have proven to be one of the most sensational acts to grace our presence this year. Haviland’s knack for crafting the perfect song is brought to another level with their newest video for “You and I.” Quickly becoming a New York staple, each track and video that the group releases is a brilliant look into the artistry of the band. Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart, includes members Chris Anderson (Martin Sexton), Todd Caldwell (C S & N) & Kenny Shaw (Dispatch). Recently catching up wit Rebecca, she shares what went into making the band’s latest release, “You and I,” which you can read below.

Watch “You and I” here:

Tell us the story of this song, why did you choose to visualize this song specifically?

“You and I” tells the love story of my grandmother, how she met my grandfather, fell in love, and found a way to overcome his passing a few years ago. But really this is a song for anyone who is struggling to move on and find their way in life after losing a loved one. It’s also a song about female empowerment in that it’s about a woman learning to not only identify her life based on her relationship with her husband, but to feel secure being alone and becoming her own person. So it was very important to me to add a visual component to this song.

What was the inspiration for this video (visuals, storyline, etc.)?

We decided that the video needed something to show the emotional aspect of the lyrics and melody, but didn’t want to do a video with a clear storyline. It was important to us not to define the relationship as male/female, but to leave it open for any kind of relationship or couple. Whitney G Bowley, who choreographed the dance sequence, did a fantastic job of bringing out the emotion of the song. Together with Kristina Dejardin, they really added an entire new visual aspect to the video. We were able to film the video in my friend’s barn, which also really added to the vibe of the video.

What was the process of making this video?

Jackson Hoffman, the videographer and I, like to keep the process a simple as possible. It took about 4 hours to film the video including setup, thanks to Whitney working on the dance sequence in advance. We initially intended to add another location to the shoot for my scenes, but once we finished filming the dancers and the sequences of me in the barn, we realized that simple was definitely better. The only treatment to the space was a small smoke machine which helped to outline the light and add more atmosphere to the shots. Jack and I spent a few weeks in post production, but everything came together quickly.

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