The Krickets Are Ones to Watch with “May We Find”

Screenshot 2018-09-28 at 3.27.55 PM


Long-time Modern Mystery favorites The Krickets have launched back into action with their second single from their upcoming release, “May We Find.”

Their new record titled “Red Bird,” out October 26, has us head over heels once again for the quartet, who are an unstoppable musical force. The follow up to the acclaimed “Spanish Moss Sirens,”  the all-female Americana group shows no signs of slowing down.

Their vibrant vocals and intricate melodies are laced with stunning instrumentation that will have you in awe. Taking the Swamp-Folk genres to new levels, The Krickets go above and beyond with their impressive new track. We’re eager to hear more of the upcoming release!

Find The Krickets via:

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