DJ Found Dead Releases “DAN$”


DJ Found Dead is the brainchild of Rock Trembath, a phenomenal DJ and rapper who calls Montreal, Canada home. Garnering a steady presence in the music realm, DJ Found Dead is crossing borders and launching his music into the world.

DJ Found Dead started to hone his skills at an early age, when he was first intrigued by poetry. His love of the art found new appreciation as he broke down the elements of the literature and decided to combine his love of rap music into the mix. This is evident in his new album DAN​$​E​.​ru, which has the ability to break barriers in 2016.

An easily accessible record, which explodes in your ears, DJ Found Dead cultivates a unique style that sets him apart from the rest. Tracks such as “Booze Bea$t” show his brilliant abilities and talent right off the bat. The record is filled with deep and relatable lyricism, strong instrumentation, and DJ Found Dead’s intriguing rhymes and vocals. Influenced by such acts as Dust Brothers, he takes elements of his inspirations and spins them into a unique, updated and reachable sound for the current times.

Heavy-hitters such as “Find Yer Fetish” brings a dance element into the record, which fits like a glove; It’s catchy-as-hell to say the least. “Omsk” which is a personal favorite on the record, combines rap with a dance edge that will appeal to the masses without a doubt.

His unique style is intertwined throughout DAN$, leaving a good impression of what DJ Found Dead is trying to accomplish. Closing out the EP is Ble$$ed, a haunting piece that opens with whispering vocals behind a prominent beat. The lyrics are heavy, and seem a bit more complicated within each listen; giving the track a deeper meaning. Every note, every rhyme and every beat on the record were carefully chosen, and it shows the amount of time and effort that was put into the tracks. In 2015, DJ Found Dead had released 3 EP’s, all of which you can find on Bandcamp, including DAN$ I highly suggest that you do…

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