Elena Andujar is On Fire with “Flamenco in Time”

Screenshot 2018-03-10 at 9.40.35 PM

Elena Andujar stuns with her latest release “Flamenco in Time,” which combines epic elements of Flamenco, Dance and Spanish Urban. The songstress who was raised on a heavy dose of music in her hometown of Sevilla, her skillfully crafted songs are clearly a labor of love.

As she takes us on a journey for the 7-song release, we hear an artist that is steadily breaking the barriers on her own terms. As we discover pieces on the album such as “What It Is (Matt’s Peak Hour Mix) and lead single “El Despertador (Club Mix)” she proves to have a staying power in the music world. Bursts of energy are placed strategically on the record, which brings a beauty like no other in the game right now.

With production help from MyMy Lady G, MadyY “Pepper” Gomez, and Matt Warren she recalls artists such as Sia and Inna who her spirit wraps around. Released at the tail end of last year, “Flamenco in Time” will certainly make your way into your 2018 favorites, as it has already mine.

Watch “El Desperatdor” on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzvlpHWWQug&feature=youtu.be

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