Geoff Gibbons Unveils a Masterpiece

Every now and then an artist comes across our radar that stops us dead in our tracks. That artist is currently Geoff Gibbons. With his latest release in tow, “Buffalo Hotel,” he comes to life with an epic record on the table. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, his artistry is jam-packed with folk laced skills.
On the release we hear an artist that is paving his own way into the music world. Citing influences such as Modern Mystery favorites, Ryan Adams, Gibbons’ in-depth lyricism and knack for telling a story comes to life. Sharing several lyric videos alongside the release, Gibbons takes us on an adventure with his music, as each song makes you want to dive deeper in. Standout pieces for us include “Lonesome Angel” and “The Other Side,” which has us falling in love with his carefully-crafted sound over and over again. Geoff Gibbons’ “Buffalo Hotel,” is out in the world now.
Discover “Lonesome Angel” on Youtube:
Find Geoff Gibbons:

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