JOÉL Debuts “Seasons Change,” a Standout Release


JOÉL is on the rise with his debut album “Seasons Change,” out today. The eclectic artist takes us on a musical journey where he shares his very heart and soul into the record. Creating a buzz in the new year, JOÉL is steadily on the rise with an intimate sound that is truly his own. Creating bold instrumentation and stunning vocal work, we instantly fell head over heels with tracks such as the blues-pop infused “So Young,” and “Spirit of Summer,” which prominently showcases his essence as an artist. Personal songs to JOÉL such as “Texas” brings his background both musically and upbringing alive, as he dives deep into his history.
““The album reflects all the different styles of music I grew up with. Back home, you could go out any night of the week and catch two-step music, blues, hard rock, salsa, and Tejano. All these flavors shaped me, and that’s the diversity I wanted to share on my album,” JOÉL says.
His diverse debut is memorable, as his spirit comes alive. What does JOÉL have to offer in 2018? Listen in and hear for yourself…you’ll be glad that you did.
 Listen on Soundcloud:
Connect with JOÉL here:

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