Nashaat Salman Releases “Universal Melodies”


Absolutely a must listen for this perfect day, I’m enjoying the blissful sounds of Meilen-Zurich based composer, the eclectic and exotic sounds of Nashaat Salman. His stunningly heartfelt music combines a mixture of World, New Age and Electronica, to create a sound that s very much his own. His latest release Universal Melodies is like no other. Every song carries you on a musical journey that is somehow more enticing and stunning than the next. Though the EP only comes in with 4 songs, the tracks have an impact that make it feel like so much more.

Lead single “Summer Night Joy” draws your ears in with classically strummed guitars, bright trumpets, and steady handclaps. Slight strings intertwine throughout, which brings a whole new level of life to the open up the record. The theme of musical genius carries throughout the record from the stunning “Dancing Star,” to the quirky and ecstatic sounds of “Chasing.”

Salman, a film and multimedia music composer, as well as instrumentalist and orchestrator, brings musical perfection to the table with Universal Melodies. His incredible and noteworthy two-decade career has found him pennin songs for radio, television and various multimedia endeavors.  The album is out now via Bandcamp, and be sure to check out the video for “Summer Night Joy,” below!

Buy Universal Melodies via Bandcamp:

Watch the music video for “Summer Night Joy”:

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