Kamilah Heats Things Up with New Single

On My Mind_SingleArtFinal.jpgBorn and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Kamilah is just getting started as she releases only her second single ever, “ On My Mind.” While this is only her 2nd release Kamilah is holding nothing back! Growing up in the Bahamas, Kamilah constantly listened to some of the greatest artist of our time with her parents. She explains that music has always been a constant in her life as it has kept her grounded and has simply always been there as tool to help her navigate the world.

Kamilah’s first release was a gorgeous and powerful ballad called “So Long” that features luscious and haunting harmonies coupled her outstanding vocal and songwriting ability, comparable to RnB and neo-soul greats such as India Arie, or Laurynn Hill.  Now, with the infectious groove of “On My Mind” Kamilah is all but bursting out on to the scene with this soulful summer track. “On My Mind” creates a such a smooth world of sound with a general vibe that you can’t help but smile move to. Kamilah demonstrates such spectacular control and over her voice delivering a sweet and present sound that is simply entrancing.

Currently living in New York, Kamilah has worked tirelessly to manage the many hats that she must wear to handle her full time job at a graphic design firm as well as manage her budding career in music. She is set to release an album later in July and with such consistently strong releases in all aspects from her vocal and songwriting ability, production, and even cover art, Kamilah will soon take the word by storm.

Listen to “On My Mind”:


Follow Kamilah here:

Website: www.iamkamilah.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iam_kamilah/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iam_kamilah


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