Healing Spells Get Spiritual on “Sanctuary”


One of my favorite artists to emerge this year is Tokyo-based Healing Spells. The brainchild of Past Lives, he comes to life with a 4-song EP that is filled to the brim with musical goodness. Taking a page out of the books from artists such as Four Tet and Gold Panda, the unique sound knows no limits when it comes to breaking the musical barrier. With original tones that flow throughout the EP had me pressing ‘replay’ before it was even over.
The artist states about the release:
I never learnt or made music the traditional way. I learnt guitar very late, when I was in my late teens to set – up my first band with a friend at the Uni. We were a duo and made garage – folk rock tunes.”
His talent is undeniable as it overflows on each track. Songs such as “Infinity Pond,” and “Sanctuary,” drive the release home, to bring a special listening experience to your ears. Give a listen to “Sanctuary,” below and quickly find out why everyone will be talking about Healing Spells.
Catch the band online:

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