The Naysayers Go the Distance with New Single + Video

The Naysayers are a sub-arctic indie rock four piece from Whitehorse, Yukon with a new full-length album due for release on June 25 via Coax Records. Forged in the freezing cold, these boreal belles blend elements of punk, pop, and alt-rock, that feels like a punch in the gut and a warm embrace at the same time. 

Led by veteran singer-songwriter Drea Nasager, her visceral lyrics, powerful vocals, and emotional intensity combine with rich melodies and unrelenting energy to create songs as spellbinding as the northern lights. “Yesterday” sees Drea grieving the living as she reconciles the death of someone who’s still alive. “It’s about watching someone you can’t reach,” she reveals. “They’re down a path you can’t follow. The song started as a goodbye to a friend, and evolved in meaning since I’ve lost others to addiction.”


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