Steven H. Scott Breaks Through with “Albino Road”

Steven H. Scott is breaking through the industry with his new single “Albino Road.” However, this is not his first time making music. Right out of high school he was in a progressive rock band called Salem, channeling artists like Rush and King Crimson. He played bass and provided the lead vocals. When that disbanded, he created a new progressive metal band in 2004 called Mindset X, which he is still part of and making music for. However, he always had another side to him. 

“Albino Road” is based on a true story in North Andover, MA boasts an acoustically folksy sound reminiscent of Johnny Cash, with just a hint of jazz. He guides us through the tragic story of 2 young albino boys in the 1600’s that were drowned because they were different. He uses the acoustic guitar and the piano to show the sadness of the situation, saying “I envisioned a sort of story-telling campfire vibe where a lesson was supposed to be learned. But it wasn’t.”

The song starts with a burning match, a powerful symbol that tells the listener they are about to go on a journey. He repeats the same chords throughout the whole song to show us that, in fact, nothing has changed. He says “I’ve always loved poetry and the acoustic guitar so it made sense to venture down that path…This project was and is meant to be as naked, truthful and connecting as possible. There is something special about that simplicity.”

His lyrics are beyond powerful. They weigh on the listener, pointing the mirror right back on ourselves as he sings “How can we be so blind repeating the same shit all the time? And yet the world don’t seem to care, ignoring the ignorance we bear.” He is making us acknowledge the downside to our history, he forces us to see our naivety, our obliviousness, and our hypocritical nature as humans.  

His poignant songwriting and soulful voice create a beautifully poetic piece, about that road where these two young innocent boys died. It’s a story that reflects all too well on where we are today. He tells us that we have work to do. “My only goal is to spark emotion for the listener. Whatever that may be.”

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