Adalia Tara Unveils “Give It Up”

Adalia Tara is an award winning singer-songwriter and recording artist who solely writes music with meaning. She says “I feel it is my responsibility as an artist to reflect the times we are living in, to be a mirror, to shine a light on the truth of what’s happening around us. I hope my music gives people the courage to look inward, to question our motivation, and to ask ourselves why we live the way we do. I want to be a voice for all people, bringing more humanity and kindness into the world.” She gets inspiration from jazz, R&B, blues, and pop. 

When she says she writes with meaning, she does not disappoint. The Arizona artist is at it again with her new single “Give It Up,” a brilliantly poetic and impassioned song that’s all too necessary in today’s climate. She says “This track is a response to the deeply rooted racial inequities that were brought to the light this year. If we want justice in the world, all voices need to be heard and respected, not just one. Humility, accountability and self-honesty are needed. Will we turn a blind eye, or will we use this difficult moment to create lasting change? The breakthrough comes when there is an equal playing field for everyone. This is what “Give it Up” is all about.”

“Give It Up” is a slow pop ballad with some hints of R&B with a slow beat and melodic piano. It’s a unique sound similar to that of John Legend and Demi Levato. While the music itself is powerful, the real magic of this song is the message. The lyrics are loud though they are sung softly. She sings vibrant verses like “give up comfort, give up being first, step aside now, let someone else be first” and “a sickness is rising to the surface, let it change you, let it have a purpose.” She’s evoking heavy emotions in just those two verses, grabbing our senses and showing us what needs to be seen. The song finishes with “step aside now, let someone else be heard” to send her message home. 

“Give It Up” is nothing less than powerful, moving, and necessary. She doesn’t shy away from giving you herself and being vulnerable while also being extremely playful. While the pandemic got us all down, she continued to write and perform virtually. “Give It Up” comes out June 25th. Be sure to add it to your playlist.


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