Kristen Mather de Andrade Unleashes Gorgeous New Single “Sagrado”

Eclectic and engaging, Kristen Mather De Andrade is an artist to be on the lookout for. Her newest single, “Sagrado”, is light and airy and will breeze you away into another realm. The artist’s excellent instrumentalism takes forefront, with highlights towards clarinets and drums with a Latin style. With previous work styled in the Brazilian way, Kristen Mather De Andrade keeps true to her musical roots. “Sagrado” finds itself as a refreshing drink in the heat of the South American summer.

A Spanish word for “sacred”, the artist’s newest track reveals itself to be instrumentally celebrating the Latin culture that has made such lasting impressions on Kristen Mather De Andrade. Having been previously noted on the Brazilian Global News for her music, it is no surprise the value that South American and Latin culture has in the artist’s life – which is so clearly evident in “Sagrado”. A beautiful combination of instruments and vocals spins a tapestry of emotions and memory in “Sagrado”. With moments of instrumental features and vocal highlights, this newest release will be immensely enjoyed by both fans of De Andrade and new listeners alike. In an unique way, De Andrade has created a blend of singer and songwriter sound with instrumentalist focuses.

Made to be listened to in the sun with a cool summer breeze or in a Colombian cafe in Miami, “Sagrado” is perfectly paired with warmth and happiness. The artist’s gentle instrumentalization is masterful and elegant, engaging with the audience in a calming aura. The song immediately brings itself into the room with a light presence, lifting up its listeners with its upbeat tempo. A must-hear for fans of Kristen Mather De Andrade, “Sagrado” is not only the artist’s newest release – but newest hit. There is no question that soon this track will rise to the top of the artist’s creations.

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