Ámaris Wen Unveils “Time Traveler”

Ámaris Wen, also known artistically as Ámaris, is one of only a few female music producers who combines genres such as R&B, electronic, and neo soul, defining her music as genre-defying. She got into EDM when attending drama school for her dance studies. After working for Sony Music as a playlist manager, she took her music towards the synthetic pop and R&B route. She is a creative person who uses music as her outlet.  Her newest song, “Time Traveler,” is a song that beautifully blends genres and music into a unique sound that you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s a synthetic pop song that calls back to 80’s pop with R&B cohesively combined. It harks of Alicia Keys with some Madonna and Prince. She uses the electronic piano sounds to create a hypnotic beat and further uses it to create an echoing that vibrates throughout the song.

She creates a picture using music. Her use of the synthetic sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. She is able to show me color and art, a painting in my head as the song progresses, a masterpiece of sounds. Everytime the baseline makes a repetition is another stroke. Her voice adds the forefront. It’s soulful, powerful, moving, and gentle. It’s ambient and one of those voices that you could listen to for hours on end.

“Time Traveler” is a musical marvel and a must have on any playlist. She clearly knows what she’s doing and isn’t afraid to break barriers or genres. She does her own thing. You can tell by listening to her music, especially this song, that she enjoys music, it’s her passion; that creativity flows through her unlike any other artist. She understands music so well, it’s like she can hold it in her hand and mold it like clay. When she gives us music, we can hear her art. 





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