Gracie Jet Debuts Emotionally Powerful New Single “Sister”

English born, but raised in Ontario, Canada, Gracie Jet has emerged on the alternative pop scene with great gusto. 

Her debut single “Sister” is an emotional and raw ballad that explores the relationship with her sister who has struggled with mental health since she was a child. The song is delicate and also carries strength with the rich vocals from Gracie. It is a song about struggle, perseverance, family and love.

“My sister has struggled with mental health for years. As her sister, I have watched her through it all. I’ve watched as my best friend/sister retreated to her bedroom and became a stranger. I’ve walked with her through it all. I’ve taken  her to the hospital, watched her fall apart. I’ve watched her struggle through all the ups and downs and been so scared that you would lose her in the end.” 

While this song explores a serious and challenging theme, Gracie´s upbeat energy and character shines through. Her voice alone commands all of the attention here, with a rich range similar to that of pop star Adele and Lana Del Ray. 

“I wrote this song for her to remind her she is not alone and that she is loved and she would miss that her life is valuable. This is a love song also for all the  family members watching their loved ones struggle and an anthem for people struggling that you are not alone.”

Listen to “Sister” today to hear what all the fuss is about over this brilliant young Canadian artist. 

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