Merlot Embargo Shares Their New Indie Pop Single “Not Gonna”

Merlot Embargo is the self-produced and independent indie pop duo recording music out of our home studio in LA, where they’re also raising their daughter Joanna. Their music is diverse but rooted in the classics. While they strive to make each song something unique and fresh, Scarlet’s sultry voice and Geoff’s groovy guitar-ing make it all feel like Merlot Embargo.

Some might even consider Scarlet and Geoff an unlikely duo: a seat-of-the-pants, army brat singer-songwriter, paired with a native Californian music school nerd and engineer by day. But the blending of their different approaches to music (and life) has helped them create music that’s provocative, but also real and approachable. They temper each other’s worst tendencies, and in their good moments, bring out the best qualities in each other.  Throw in their band, and it’s a collab made in heaven.

Merlot Embargo just released their new upbeat and catchy pop rock single, “Not Gonna,” a song that takes down their own inner demons about ageism in the music industry. The music tells a story of fun and excitement while the lyrics tell a story of resistance and obstacles. Together, it reflects the message of being outwardly fine, but battling setbacks in pursuit of a goal on the inside.

Scarlet’s voice is familiar, almost like a Brandi Carlile meets Ingrid Michaelson. The music and beat is instantly recognizable as uniquely Merlot Embargo with it’s clear influence of Coldplay and The Beatles.

“Hopefully, this song inspires people to keep persevering and following their dreams,” share the duo. “They may be closer than they realize.”

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