Lauren Waller Reveals Debut Pop Album ‘Talking to Myself’

Los Angeles pop singer-songwriter Lauren Waller has released a brand new album called Talking to Myself.

Talking To Myself delivers a bittersweet intoxicating cocktail of indie, synth, and pop capabilities, with fresh, forward-thinking sounds. Lauren nails it with playful invention, swagger, lyricism, introspection, and theatricality. From luminous dreamscape pop to catchy dance songs, Lauren’s emotionally generous storytelling and distinctive voice provide an antidote for the run-of-the-mill. Comparisons can be made with the likes of Lorde, Hayley and Kiyoko.

Her choruses are catchy and memorable in each song of this album, with the standout being Lauren’s hooks.

Stay current with Lauren Waller on her website, and social media channels Instagram , Facebook, Twitter and YouTube // TikTok

Stream her music on YouTube, / Spotify and Soundcloud


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