Christopher Hawley Shares “9 Tattoos”

Christopher Hawley spent his formative musical years as the frontman of Mucis, a Colorado- band who signed to a major label and toured nationally in a retrofitted school bus. He could never get enough of being on the road, so when the band broke up, Hawley became a solo roots-rock singer-songwriter, and forged on.
As a solo artist, Hawley had songs licensed for Fox’s “The Good Guys”, NFL’s “NFL A.M.” and an H&R Block commercial. Over the years he played everywhere from LA’s Greek Theatre to yoga retreats in Bali and dive bars in ski towns.
A few years back, Hawley’s friend Randy Wooten offered to produce a few tracks in exchange for surfing lessons for his girlfriend’s son. Hawley and Wooten began writing together on a regular basis. Their prolific partnership produced a long list of songs. One, “Sidewalks and Bars” was conceptualized during one of those surf lessons.

What began as a casual collaboration between two friends in soon became a full-length album. Hawley is spreading his wings in a way he never has before. The album is beautifully produced – Wooten did his job well, taking a roots-rock palate and adding memorable touches like barrelhouse piano, reverb-soaked guitar, and even modern synth sounds. Hawley’s up-front vocals lend the songs a remarkable sense of intimacy.

However it’s the collaboration between the two songwriters that makes Stories shine. The songs are smart and compelling, and there’s a depth to the tales they tell that makes you want to listen closer.

Listen to “9 Tattoos”

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