The Normal Living Go Big With New Single


An amazing new release from New Jersey favorites, The Normal Living, “Fame to Claim” opens with a beautiful piano melody accompanied by an up-beat rhythm. As the lead vocal comes in the piano fades into the background a little bit but the precise rhythm is still very apparent. Beautifully produced by Chris Badami, this track feels huge. Each instrument – the drums, piano, guitars, flute, and vocals – all have their own space in the mix. Nothing is drowning anything else out while nothing is sticking out either – it’s truly a perfect blend. The harmonies mesh with the lead vocal providing just enough support and an ethereal quality for the listener.


This rock-meets-country power anthem instills hope and courage upon those following their dreams despite the hardships and self-doubt that are often involved in the process. There is purpose and intention in every word describing the experience of leaving home to follow this dream. The song opens with “They say home is where the heart is” and goes on to describe a journey from Michigan to the East Coast until they can “put a stake in the ground” and “find a place of [their] own.” With this track it’s safe to say they’re well on their way. Listen on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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