Nathanael Philip Mosher Unleashes “I Don’t Wanna Die Young”

“I Don’t Wanna Die Young,” a new single from the multi-talented Nathanael Philip Mosher, is a call for reflection of one’s young life, begging the question, “am I working hard enough?” Mosher wrote this song just days after the death of Kobe Bryant, which definitely affected his mindset: “I didn’t want to have a sudden death like he did while feeling like I hadn’t done everything in my power to leave no stone unturned. The hook flowed out of that feeling.”

Mosher’s history is quite fascinating. He became very interested in poetry as a child, which then became storytelling. This passion earned him his place at the California State Summer School for the Arts. He then grew interested in stand-up comedy among all of his other passions. Poetry turned to lyrics, and his talent for songwriting was born. 

“I Don’t Wanna Die Young” begins with a guitar loop with a metronome sound, followed by Mosher’s voice counting down from 5. The chorus chants, “I don’t wanna die young, I don’t wanna die young, but if I do I hope I’m true and if I leave it up to you, I hope you let some people know that I’ve been worked hard.” This is a true testament to the concern Mosher has that he has not been working to the best of his ability. 

It’s pretty evident that Mosher has been working, though. During the pandemic, he recorded a 6-song EP that is to be released periodically throughout 2021, then the entire project will be released in the late Spring. “I Don’t Wanna Die Young” will be released on January 26th. We are so excited to hear what comes next from Nathanael!


One thought on “Nathanael Philip Mosher Unleashes “I Don’t Wanna Die Young”

  1. Hey Jane, I just wanted to personally thank you for the thoughtful articles you’ve written about my music. You’ve sincerely touched my heart when a lot of bloggers/ reviewers, simply re-post a blank press release and pawn it off as their own writing. Thank you for saying such kind things about both my songs!

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