Sandhya Shares Gorgeous New Single


Sandhya Asirvatham, known to the music world as Sandhya, is a producer, musician, and songwriter reigning from Baltimore, Maryland, although because of her past, she will always be a New Yorker at heart. Sandhya is a well educated writer and journalist, who has now brought her ability to captivate readers with her words, into the music industry.

With her latest single, “Last Two Standing,” Sandhya combines a mixture of vocal ability and even some spoken word- type melodies into a beautifully curated record. 

“Here’s to the heroes and the saints, the sacrificers without complaint…” This track is a mix between a historical story of the past events in history, and a love story between two extremely passionate people. “Won’t you love me, like we are the last two standing? This is my plea, I will never regret it.”

Sandhya has an incredible talent of telling stories through her music, with jazz-pop, indie-rock and singer-songwriter influences, and we are so excited to hear more from her, especially the 10 track project she is working on now INNOCENT MONSTER.


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