Dirty Snowman Society Unleashes “Too Much is Never Enough”

Dirty Snowman Society is back at it again in 2021 with their brilliant new single “Too Much is Never Enough,” which will delight your ears.

The quartet, however, furthers the continuum with modern touches of grunge and alt-rock, and a rural bravado informed by a vigorous high-altitude lifestyle in an environment where it snows 350 inches a year.

The song is filled to the brim with catchy hooks, glorious melodies and vocals that will linger in your head for days. It’s been a while since we heard from the quartet, and they are certainly taking 2021 by storm, within every note.

The band’s smoldering emotive musicality recalls Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and other beacons of the 1990s riff rock revival. Lyrically, the band touches on everyday life struggles, politics, and romance. For Frank Costantini (vocalist / drummer / co-songwriter), who has had a successful professional career as a writer in advertising, working on original music unlocked a flow of words he had never previously accessed. For most of the guys in Dirty Snowman Society, the band is a chance to reclaim a love of rock n’ roll, and share the joy of music with others. “It’s never too late—no matter what—to do what you love,” Frank says. “Especially when you’re playing music with the right people, and putting in the time to make it quality.”

As they gear up for their biggest year yet, we can expect more goodies from the band down the line, as they make music on their own terms…the only way they know how too.

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